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渡假就要去海邊 Versace 推出限定LA VACANZA廣告/ Versace shows you how to enjoy LA VACANZA




- Donatella Versace

想要體驗美好的夏天?乖乖待在家裡把身體練好、好好思考疫情控制住後去海邊要穿什麼還比較實在。畢竟,每一天做好防疫工作,等到 LA VACANZA 真的來臨的時,才更有從束縛解放的感覺。


義大利時裝品牌 Versace 推出了限定的宣傳廣告《LA VACANZA》。若直翻解釋,那麼就是中文 “假期”、英文 “The Holiday” 的意思。在這個廣告裡,首席創意長 Donatella Versace 給了每個受到疫情束縛的靈魂一個指引。她以一系列照片和影片捕捉一趟 Versace 假期的精彩時刻,結合了享受陽光的模特兒、華麗的海濱別墅和經典的夏日造型。在充滿玩味的影片日記中,模特兒分享他們的暑假點滴,但回憶片段卻顯示了另一個版本的故事。


在這個限定廣告裡頭, Donatella 找來了Camille Summers-Valli掌鏡,並且讓模特兒 Simone Bricchi、Lucas Barski、Loic Namigandet 穿上前往海灘必備的泳裝、絲質襯衫,一同示範義大利人如何在假期中展現自我。

想去義大利享受陽光嗎?不如先透過 Versace 的限定廣告,超前享受義大利利古里亞的碧海和藍天。


“With this shoot I wanted to create something fun that captures the spirit of a vacation. We all

miss travel. We miss the excitement of being somewhere different, of meeting with friends and

sharing experiences. These images are about enjoying life and feeling free, they encapsulate that

summertime feeling of endless possibilities.”

- Donatella Versace

To be honest, if you want to experience an unforgettable summer? Let's more focus on stay at home, train your body, and think about what to wear to the beach after the pandemic is under control. After all, keep the virus away if a non-waste-time daily job to do, and when LA VACANZA really comes, it will feel more liberated from restraint.

Let's Go To Beach For The Next Vacanza

Italian fashion brand Versace launched a new campaign LA VACANZA. If we translate it straight away, it means Holiday in both Chinese and English. In this campaign, Chief Creative Officer Donatella Versace gave a guide to every soul stuck by the Covid-19. She used a series of photos and videos to demonstrate the wonderful Versace vacation. Besides, these images are showcasing models bathing under the sun, a gorgeous beach villa and classic summer looks.

Yearning For A Holiday? So Are We

In this limited campaign, Donatella had Camille Summers-Valli take care of the photography. Also, she asked models Simone Bricchi, Lucas Barski, and Loic Namigandet to demonstrate how Italians spend their holidays wearing swimwear and silk shirts.

Want to go to Italy to enjoy the sun? It is better to enjoy the LA VACANZA in Liguria in advance.


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