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Versace的同志驕傲月/ Versace launched the Pride collection



彩虹是代表同志間的形象,其中這六個顏色代表著生命、療癒、陽光、自然、和平、精神。畢竟,身為同志要在這個社會已經非常不容易,因此,代表同志的彩虹光輝,便是真的能代表同志族群發聲的一個最佳代表。為了慶祝「同志驕傲月」和支持LGBTQ+社群,Versace特別推出限量Versace X Pride聯名系列。這個系列以繽紛的彩虹打造而成,匯聚多款夏季造型和舒適的運動服與配件。這個系列的收益將會捐贈給與Versace合作的兩個慈善組織,讓他們能夠繼續努力不懈地創造更包容平等的世界。


今年是品牌創意總監Donatella Versace成為「石牆大使」滿週年,所以推出的Versace X Pride當然更具意義,不過因為疫情關係,許多人都遭逢變故。因此,這一次受惠的公益團體還包含Trans LifeLine、Trans Latin@ Coalition、Brave Space Alliance及The Ally Coalition等團體。歐洲方面則會捐助給Arcigay組織,這個組織在1985年創立,目標是對抗針對LGBTQ+人士的暴力和歧視問題,並捍衛其人權及公民權利。若是你也想為同志族群盡一份力,不如選擇這個別具意義的服裝系列,畢竟夏天也到了,如果你仍然不知道要怎麼打扮自己,透過促進彩虹散發更大的光芒,也不是件壞事,你說對吧!


說到平等這件事,我們每個人都責無旁貸,不管你的膚色為何、性向為何,只要有愛,那麼愛就最大!而且在愛之前人人平等。Love is Love。

Remember the "Stonewall" incident in 1969? From that moment on, June became a symbolic month among the LGBTQ community. This may not make much sense to many people, but it is of great significance to gay friends who bravely stood up for themselves.

Gay Pride Month

The rainbow is an image representing the LGBTQ community, and these six colours represent life, healing, sunlight, nature, peace, and spirit. After all, it is very difficult to be the LGBTQ community in this society. Therefore, the rainbow brilliance that represents the LGBTQ community is the best representative of that community. To celebrate "Gay Pride Month" and support the LGBTQ, Versace has launched a limited-edition Versace X Pride collection. This series is created with colourful rainbows and brings together a variety of summer shapes and comfortable sportswear and accessories. The proceeds of this series will be donated to two charity organizations working with Versace so that they can continue to work tirelessly to create a more inclusive and equal world.

European and American groups have benefited

This year marks the anniversary of Donatella Versace, the brand's creative director, becoming the "Stone Wall Ambassador", so the launch of Versace X Pride is certainly more meaningful, but because of the Covid-19, many people have suffered changes. Therefore, the charity groups that have benefited this time also include Trans LifeLine, Trans Latin@ Coalition, Brave Space Alliance and The Ally Coalition. The European side will donate to the Arcigay, which was founded in 1985, the goal being to fight against violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, and defend their human and civil rights. If you also want to contribute to the gay community, it is better to choose this meaningful clothing line. After all, summer is here. If you still don’t know how to dress, it’s not a bad thing to promote a greater light by promoting the rainbow.

Love is powerful and everyone is equal

When it comes to equality, each of us has a responsibility, no matter what your skin colour or sexual orientation, as long as there is love, then love is affirmed as the greatest! And everyone is equal before love. Love is Love.


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