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TAIKER Magazine ISSUE 07

Nostalgia of Liberty








Nostalgia of Liberty 是一個討論自由,又不忘回首過去的主題。你會怎麼解讀這段英文?相信每個人心中都有不同的見解。但不管如何,只要用你心中精彩的故事解讀,或許緊接而來的人生篇章也會更不一樣吧!



We all hope that we can do more than in the past, right?

We all expect that our future can achieve something, right?


Since the day we were born, we have been saying goodbye to ourselves every second. But the masks we put on to survive are not as strong as diamonds. From time to time, they will crack when you hear a certain song or read a certain sentence. Therefore, how can we bravely continue to take the next step? Perhaps it’s a topic that everyone should think about deeply.


I am a sentimental person. Any small things can make ripples in my heart. Therefore, it must be a lie to say that we have no regrets about the past and to say we have no dreams about the future must also be a lie. Because we are all animals with feelings, our bond with this world is very strong. Hence, in this seemingly half-dream and half-awake life, if you also have an old song reverberating and a poem wandering in your mind then we might as well turn it into a driving force for growth.


'Nostalgia of Liberty' is a subject of freedom for discussion without forgetting to look back on the past. But how would you interpret this sentence? 


I believe everyone has different points of view. However, no matter what, as long as you have a wonderful story to interpret, perhaps the next chapter of your life will be even more different!


To Freedom

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