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‘INSURGENT’ 一字並非貶義,而是正面的形容詞,並且合適合宜的形容著正在用自己力量對抗世界體制的時裝設計師們;旅居德國的臺灣設計師 陳玟廷、Kent & Curwen 創意總監 Daniel Kearns、擁有同名時裝品牌的 Lou Dalton…等,都是為了實現心中理想而奮鬥的人。

而在這樣子充滿嚴肅氣息的時代裡,我們也需要著生活中的娛樂,因此在ISSUE04 中也記錄著顛覆了喜劇家和網路世界規則的 Paul Taylor 的獨家訪問。



Our world has been drastically transformed; we strive to work hard for our lives, yet we seem to be in great imprisonment on a path that we can not see the future. We all have to believe in ourselves Faith, keep fighting for our life, and we all have to create our future by our own. Even though it is a difficult road. 


This issue of TAIKER Magazine fulfil of fashion elements, because we believe that fashion is a life aesthetics and also is an attitude;


'INSURGENT' is not a derogatory word but a positive adjective, and it is appropriate to describe fashion designers who are using their power to fight the world establishments, such as Taiwanese designer CHEN Wen-Ting, Kent & Curwen’s creative director Daniel Kearns, Lou Dalton designer owns the same name as the fashion brand ... and so on are all people who strive to achieve their ideal.


Furthermore, in this age of seriousness, we also need entertainment in our lives, so an exclusive interview with Paul Taylor, who overrides the rules of comedians and the Internet world, is also recorded in ISSUE04.


Nowadays, people are longing for the old things and showing the ambition of creating things for the future. Therefore, we have started a collision and collided with the existing system. The purpose is not to be the nasty member who takes the lead in sabotaging, but to become a Believer, who in charge of their own faith.

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臺客雜誌/ TAIKER Magazine issue04