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  • Dylan Tang

性感男士必備 Cody Simpson與Versace 聯名系列/ How to be sexy? Try Cody Simpson x Versace collection

來自澳洲昆士蘭,集運動、唱歌、演戲於一身的Cody Simpson 推出與義大利精品 Versace 的聯名眼鏡系列。在這三款眼鏡中,除了經典機師款,還推出了具有未來感造型的款式。誰說「未來」落伍?1985年推出的《回到未來》系列電影,才真正預言了現在社會的時髦。


Cody Simpson 去年才剛在自己的社群媒體上宣布將為澳大利亞的奧運游泳隊進行訓練;而今年春天又剛好推出了這個和 Versace 推出的精品眼鏡系列,說不定是為了即將到來的奧運推出強力明星商品。




From Queensland, Australia, Cody Simpson, who integrates sports, singing and acting, has launched an eyewear collection with Versace. In addition to the classic pilot style, a futuristic look is also introduced in these three glasses. Who says the "future" is out of fashion? We shouldn't forget that the film "Back to the Future" released in 1985 truly predicted the fashion of the present society.

Hot products before the Olympics

Cody Simpson announced on his social media last year that he would train for the Australian Olympic swimming team. This spring just launched this high fashion eyewear collection with Versace. Maybe it is to launch powerful star products for the upcoming Olympics.

Be a Versace man

The Versace eyewear collection reinterprets the classic Medusa pattern, embossed three-dimensional textures and embellished the fashionable hollow frames. That's the iconic Versace men should be, bold, talented, and fearless.


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