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  • Josh Lin

Moncler的春夏鞋履新提案/Moncler's new proposal for SS21 shoes


今年夏天Moncler改以同時具有輕盈舒適與潮流風格的全新鞋履,持續屬於Moncler全年24小時無休的陪伴;擁有冰白、淺灰及黑灰三種配色的Promyx Space以高、低筒兩種款式問世,運動鞋在本身保留了經典的皮革鞋面與鞋底基礎,融入90年代籃球鞋的撞色線條及橡膠鞋片,並以藍、紅色鈕扣作為點綴,展現出充滿復古未來風格的嶄新鞋履,為整個夏天做好隨心躍動的準備。



Speaking of Moncler, everyone must immediately think of the Moncler down jacket, known as the "king of the down jacket", and the warmth and companionship it once gave us in the cold winter. But now that the cold winter recedes and the earth is gradually warming up, that part belongs to Moncler's accompany and does not intend to put the winter clothes in the closet together.

This summer, Moncler continues to be part of Moncler's 24-hour endless company with new lightweight, comfortable and stylish shoes. Promyx Space has three colours: ice white, light grey and black-grey. High and low are available. Sports shoes basically retain the classic leather upper and sole foundation, the fusion of the contrasting colour lines of 90s basketball shoes and rubber shoes, and use blue and red buttons to decorate, showing a futuristic style full of retro flavour.

In addition, in order to obtain a unique combination of excellent comfort and lightweight, Moncler also introduced two sandal styles: Flavia and Fantine leather sandals inspired by mountaineering. In terms of styling design, Flavia uses a twill belt to show unparalleled comfort and outdoor comfort; Fantine is relaxed and decent between the cross leather straps printed by Moncler brand Logo, making it the most fashionable clothing this summer.


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