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  • Dylan Tang

Emporio Armani 春夏2021形象廣告指名千禧世代巨星易烊千璽/ Emporio Armani SS21 Campaign has Jackson Yee

義大利時裝豪門 Emporio Armani 揭露了春夏2021形象廣告,在這一次的形象廣告中 Emporio Armani 找來了中國千禧世代中的佼佼者易烊千璽擔任全球代言人。

這個形象廣告由攝影師陳漫掌鏡拍攝,採用高對比度的電影鏡頭語言,以戲劇性的姿態彰顯強大、自由的態度。 Emporio Armani全球代言人易烊千璽在動態的環境中,肢體放鬆,描繪能量與活力的流動。人物與服裝完美融合,上演一場定格時間的表演。


Italian Fashion house Emporio Armani unveiled the new Spring/Summer 2021 campaign. In this campaign, Jackson Yee named this brand as a global ambassador for ready-to-wear and eyewear.

The theatricality of gestures as an affirmation of a strong, free identity is the key of the campaign, shot by Chinese photographer Chen Man in a hi-contrast, cinematographic mood. Jackson Yee stages a performance suspended in time, physically tensed in a dynamic environment, depicting a vortex of energy and vitality that brings the individual and the clothing together.


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