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  • Josh Lin

這不是家具展,是藝術展!Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades系列即將來台開展!/It is art,Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades is coming!

Louis Vuitton的頂級工藝一直是這個品牌引以為傲的一環,有多厲害?光是那只隨著鐵達尼號一起沈沒的旅行箱就可以證明它的品質有多高。NBA總冠軍盃行李箱、電競行李箱甚至茶具行李箱,所有東西用上LV行李箱確實增添些許的質感與美感,但你能想像家裡每一項陳設都擺滿行李箱嗎?幸好LV確保這件事並不會發生。

自2012年起,每年的這個時候LV都會為我們帶來Objets Nomades家具與Les Petits Nomades家飾藝術系列,兩系列除了都找來世界各地的設計師合作,最重要的是也都各自延續了LV創作生活物件的工藝精神。

在此之前Objets Nomades系列早已開發出包括帆布躺椅、吊床、搖椅、花瓶、花器等作品。而今次系列將在4月20日帶來Zanellato與Bortotto設計雙人組設計的燈籠、Atelier Biagetti以不同尺寸重新詮釋的Anemona桌,全新配色的Bomboca沙發與Bell Lamp等,以上面每一件作品都是LV給予設計師一次和創意工匠聯手獨特機會,並以自己的想像方式詮釋旅行概念與共同理念:熱愛精緻材質之美、形式的可能性與精心均衡的比例、複雜細膩的工藝,以及展現對細節的一絲不苟。


Louis Vuitton's top craftsmanship has always been a part of this brand's pride. How good is it? The suitcase that sank with the Titanic alone can prove its quality. NBA Champions Cup suitcases, e-sports suitcases and even tea set suitcases. All things with LV suitcases do add a little texture and beauty, but can you imagine that every furnishings in the home are filled with suitcases? Fortunately, LV made sure that this would not happen.

Since 2012, at this time of the year, LV will bring us Objets Nomades furniture and Les Petits Nomades furnishing art collectios. In addition to the collaboration of both series with designers from all over the world, the most important thing is that they also continue LV The spirit of craftsmanship in creating life objects.

Prior to this, the Objets Nomades series had already developed works including deck chairs, hammocks, rocking chairs, vases, and flower vessels. And this time the series will bring lanterns designed by Zanellato and Bortotto design duo on April 20, Anemona tables reinterpreted in different sizes by Atelier Biagetti, Bomboca sofas and Bell Lamps in new colors, etc. Each of the above works is LV gives designers a unique opportunity to join with their creative craftsmen, and interpret the concept of travel and common ideas in their own imagination: love the beauty of exquisite materials, the possibility of form and the well-balanced proportions, complex and delicate craftsmanship, and the display of meticulous details.


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