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  • Josh Lin

21 Savage演繹Louis Vuitton 2021夏季系列/Summer in California with Louis Vuitton

太陽於加州威尼斯海灘升起,為大地與海洋渲染了粉彩色套裝、夏威夷衫與短褲;當太陽高掛至穹頂時,飽滿的太陽象徵著充滿日本精神的時尚水彩色調牛仔裝和經典花紋棉布。當夜暮來臨,月光投射出的藍色調光線與短套裝和靛藍色睡衣形成了絕美的Louis Vuitton Summer系列。

傳達無限的意念是Virgil Abloh在系列作品一再出現的主題,這套服裝系列的象徵與重點,就是美國饒舌歌手21 Savage的灑脫、不拘束的能量,也是對西岸滑板選手和藝術家的參照。 「春天是一個豐富多彩,生動活潑的季節,在富有創造力的青年,對自由與舒適的熱愛者的激勵下,為春天的心情和海洋帶來了活力。」



The sun rises in Venice Beach, California, rendering pastel-coloured suits, Hawaiian shirts and shorts for the earth and the ocean; When the sun rises to the top of the dome, the sun is filled with fashionable watercolour denim and classic cotton that symbolize the spirit of Japan. When the evening comes, the blue tones projected by the moonlight, the short suit and the indigo pyjamas form the beautiful Louis Vuitton Summer collection.

“Conveying a sense of the infinite—a recurrent theme in Virgil Abloh’s collections—this collection is embodied and highlighted by the American rapper 21 Savage’s energy and is a reference to West Coast skaters and artists,” according to a press release. “Spring is a colourful, lively season, Inspired by creative young people who love freedom and comfort, they bring vitality to the mood of spring and the ocean.

The purpose of these works is to "convey an emotion that exudes a pleasant nostalgia and infinite possibilities." The series brings together California skating, art and the aesthetics of beach scenery, especially Venice Beach. The collection adopts bright graffiti style and watercolor tones. It is composed of pants, sneakers, duffel bags, messenger bags, suits, hoodies, round necks, jackets, jewelry, etc. Some products also have environmentally friendly designs. The men's summer collection has arrived on March 19.


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