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  • Dylan Tang

智秀與肖戰 DIOR與TOD’S 的銷售前哨戰/ JISOO and XIAO Zan, The confrontation between DIOR et TOD’S


TOD’S x 肖戰

義大利時裝品牌 TOD’S 剛宣布肖戰成為全新的品牌代言人。這位中國新世代演、歌雙棲的明星,或許有機會成為 TOD’S 板回一城的救星。怎麼說呢?隨著歐洲逐漸解封,各大品牌也將逐步回到疫情前的腳步,這代表著“業績” 將會成為各品牌汲汲營營收復的失土。

首張形象中,肖戰穿上的TOD’S經典款樂福鞋、身背的新款T Timeless系列腰包,呈現頗具層疊視覺感的義式魅力。另外一個形象則以經典綁帶 TABS 休閒鞋亮相,以簡約鞋廓展現出都市質感,

從這兩張釋出的形象照中,不難看出 TOD’S 想要透過這位曾創下金氏世界紀錄的歌手將中國市場重新擄獲。不然怎麼會將所謂的 “義式紳士” 透過簡單的兩張照片成為全球代言形象呢?

Dior x JISOO 智秀

說個題外話,當1940年義大利入侵法國後,兩個民族間或許就有許多外人無法親義解開的謎題。因此,你說是巧合嗎?TOD’S 公布代言人後,沒幾天法國時尚豪門品牌 Dior 也宣布BLACKPINK的 JISOO 智秀成為全球形象代言人。

Dior 這次推出了四張形象照,其中有Lady Dior的包款就佔了三張。看得出來 Lady D-Lite 是這個法國品牌秋冬想要主推的商品。這個包款平均要新台幣15萬,但看在恐龍與火焰、莓果紅印花刺繡、豹紋刺繡還有JISOO 智秀的份上,好像可以先原諒這個天價。


Fashion brands appoint an ambassador has always been an essential marketing strategy. No matter which brand is concerned, choosing the right face eventually has the opportunity to stimulate sales. Therefore, brands usually choose global ambassador for China or South Korea in recent years. You may have a question, "The population of South Korea is not as much as that of China. Why do brands tend to favour Korean celebrities?" The answer is straightforward. Because of the rise of K-Pop, the Korean entertainment industry already has a particular scale in the world. The influence and the ability to increase sales are some of the advantages of Korean celebrities.

TOD'S x Xiao Zhan

The Italian fashion brand TOD'S has just announced that Xiao Zhan has become a new ambassador. This new-generation star of acting and singing in China may have the opportunity to become the saviour of TOD'S. How to say? With the gradual unblocking of Europe, notable brands will gradually return to their pre-pandemic highlight, which means that SALES will become a lost ground for brands to recover their revenue.

TOD's released two images from this announcement. In the first image, the classic TOD'S loafers worn by Xiao Zhan and the new T Timeless collection waist bag on the back show the Italian charm with a layered visual sense. The other image is presented with classic strappy TABS casual shoes, showing an urban texture with a simple shoe silhouette.

From these two photos, it is not difficult to see that TOD'S wants to recapture the Chinese market through the singer who set the Guinness World Record. Otherwise, how could the so-called "Italian gentleman" become a global endorsement image through two simple photos?

Dior x JISOO

Let's talk about something digression; when Italy invaded France in 1940, there might be many complicate between the two nations that outsiders could not understand. (History-wise always has many points of view) So, after TOD'S announced the ambassador, a few days later, the French fashion giant Dior announced that BLACKPINK's JISOO Zhixiu became the global ambassador.

Dior launched four image photos this time, of which Lady Dior's bag accounted for three. It can be seen that Lady D-Lite is the main product that this French brand wants to promote in autumn and winter. This bag costs NT$150,000 on average, but considering the dinosaurs and flames, berry red print embroidery, leopard embroidery, and JISOO Zhixiu's sake, it seems that you can forgive the sky-high price first.


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