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  • Dylan Tang

鞋履之王 TOD’S 的丹寧面料策略/ What a king, TOD’s unveiled the denim loafers

TOD’S 今年邁向品牌成立的第101週年。至於關於這個義大利高級鞋履暨皮件品牌的故事,則要回到創辦人Filippo Della Valle 在自己地下室開始製鞋說起。但六十年後,八零年代才由他的長子Diego Della Valle透過品牌經營策略,讓TOD’S 成為世界知名品牌,並從美國開始擴展他的世界級聲望。


2021年是TOD’S 進入品牌第二個世紀的第一年。首發的早春系列裡頭,這個義大利名品延續了品牌冬季的休閒優雅概念,以嶄新的技術,和別具風格的剪裁,將自身產品的工藝提升到全新層次。


T Timeless男士豆豆鞋一直是TOD’S廣受男性喜愛的產品。這個春天,T Timeless系列則在材質上做出了全新的變化。這個變化不論從物理上的視覺,還是心理層面的設計理念,都表現出這個牌子想要稱霸下個一百年的決心。



T Timeless丹寧豆豆鞋以皮革拼接與經典T字飾釦,不僅營造具現代感的都市雅痞風尚,更能讓穿上的男性顧客隨興搭配白色襯衫及卡其褲就能散發迷人的紳士氣度。在台灣,春夏商品的壽命普遍比歐美國家來得長,因此穿上這款早春拼貼豆豆鞋,或許才是表現出自身品味的關鍵。


TOD'S is approaching its 101st anniversary this year. The story about this Italian high-end shoe and leather goods brand has to go back to the founder Filippo Della Valle and his start-making shoes in his basement. Sixty years later, it was only in the 1980s that his elder son Diego Della Valle took the brand management strategy to make TOD'S a world-renowned brand and expand his world-class reputation from the United States.

Next hundred years

2021 is the first year of TOD'S entering the second century. In the first early spring collection, this Italian brand extended the concept of leisure and elegance from last winter. With new technology and unique tailoring, its own products' craftsmanship has upgraded to a new level.

Loafers in denim

This spring, T Timeless collection has addressed a new change in material. However, this change can't show its determination to dominate the next hundred years from the physical vision or the psychological design concept.

The denim fabric has always given people a rugged and unrestrained feeling, but the latest loafers with exquisite style have replaced this material instead of the main fabric.

T Timeless in denim with leather stitching and classic T-shaped buckle, instead of creating a modern urban yuppie style. Furthermore, it's easier for male customers style with white shirts and khaki pants to exude charming gentlemanliness. In Taiwan, spring and summer products' lifespan is generally longer than that of European and American countries. Therefore, wearing this latest loafer may be the key to showing your very own taste.


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