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  • Dylan Tang

Dior的收復失土計畫 早秋2021男裝形象廣告/ Back to Top, Dior Pre-Fall21 Menswear Campaign

自從2018年Dior宣布 Kim Jones 成為品牌男裝系列的創意總監後,這位39歲的英國設計師就開始賦予這個法式品牌新的靈魂。再具體一點的描述,Dior 男裝的銷售數字從Jones 接手開始就有著明顯的成長。

根據 Dior 公布的財務報告,時尚及奢侈品項目在2019年相較前年成長了百分之17,而疫情打亂時尚產業的2020年也只相較前年下跌百分之二。

雖然無法直接證明 Kim Jones 是品牌銷售成長的保證,不過從他接手後數字沒顯著下降,就可以推測出市場能接受這位設計師的品味且他的作品具有刺激消費能力。


為了要反轉疫情造成的衝擊,時尚產業的佈局也格位明顯,而且重組時裝週的模組也可從中看出端倪。Kim Jones 在準備早秋2021男裝的形象廣告時,特地找來了美國藝術家Kenny Scharf 進行合作。

「攝影師 Rafael 精準捕捉 Kenny Scharf 超脫世俗的樂觀精神,在這個充滿挑戰的時刻帶來無窮力量,標示著近在咫尺的如常美好。」- Kim Jones

Kenny Scharf 在這次合作上將自己對色彩把玩的純熟度,賦予在Dior 的早秋單品上,除了給人輕鬆幽默的高級時尚感,更讓人覺得這個世界也是時候要迎接鮮豔的色彩。此外,這一次的形象廣告 Kim Jones 找來了 Rafael Pavarotti 掌鏡,將整個早秋時裝形象廣告充滿正能量。

Since Dior announced that Kim Jones would take the menswear creative director role in 2018, the British-born designer has begun to give the French brand a new soul. To be more specific, the sales figures of Dior have grown significantly since Jones took over.

According to Dior's financial report, fashion and luxury goods grew by 17% in 2019 compared to the previous year, and 2020, when the pandemic disrupted the fashion industry, will only fall by 2% compared to last year.

Although it is not certain that the figures could directly prove that Kim Jones is the guarantee of brand sales growth since he took over. However, the number has not dropped significantly may infer that the market can accept the designer's taste and his works can also stimulate consumption.

Aiming the new peak in 2021

In order to reverse the impact of the pandemic, the fashion industry has reorganization of fashion week modules and business model. For example, Kim Jones collaborated with American artist Kenny Scharf for his pre-fall menswear 2021 campaign.

"Bringing Kenny Scharf’s out-of-this-world universe to life via Rafael’s photography this season was a moment of optimism in challenging times. These images represent the hope of returning to reality in a not-so-distant future"-Kim Jones

In this collaboration, Kenny Scharf gave his proficiency in colour to Dior. In addition to giving people a relaxed and humorous sense of high fashion, it also makes people feel that this world is also time to welcome bright colours. Besides, Kim Jones brought in Rafael Pavarotti, who filled the entire autumn/winter fashion campaign with positive energy.


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