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  • Dylan Tang

力挺犀牛生存 宇舶錶推出第二代Big Bang Unico SORAI/ Fight for rhinoceros, HUBLOT unveiled new Big Bang Unico SORAI

愛護地球不遺餘力,宇舶錶推出第二代Big Bang Unico SORAI保育犀牛限量錶,為的就是要保護世界上所剩無幾的非洲犀牛。

今年宇舶錶再次攜手SORAI基金會(Save Our Rhinos Africa and India)與基金會創辦人Kevin Pietersen,推出第二代Big Bang Unico SORAI保育犀牛限量錶,而且這款腕錶的部分收益將贊助Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary動物保育組織。

Kevin Pietersen表示:「對於投入保育工作的專家來說,在非洲的土地上,每天都是一場戰役、一場與時間的競賽。我們努力搶救犀牛、讓失去雙親的犀牛寶寶恢復健康後重回大自然。我們不想失去這個在自然界體積排名前五大的動物,不只是為了我們、更為了後代子孫。我很高興宇舶能夠力挺SORAI基金會,共同喚起人們關注這項全球危機

全新 Big Bang Unico SORAI

第一代Big Bang Unico SORAI保育犀牛限量錶採用象徵非洲大地自然風情的卡其色陶瓷面盤,第二代Big Bang Unico SORAI保育犀牛限量錶,依然搭載宇舶自製UNICO計時機芯,陶瓷錶殼配色採用南非夏季特有灌木綠,細膩揉合深淺綠色調,並延伸自迷彩橡膠錶帶與綠色魔鬼氈錶帶,兩條錶帶展現不同個性。透明藍寶石底蓋刻有特別限量版圖案,全球限量100只。

宇舶錶執行長Ricardo Guadalupe 表示:「解決生物危機、保護受到危害的生物,必須集結全世界人類的共同努力。我們期盼這些議題更受到關注。宇舶義不容辭支持SORAI基金會與創辦人Kevin Pietersen,他們的努力對地球的未來是至關重要的。」

過去10年,南非克魯格國家公園(Kruger Park)之中三分之二的犀牛被盜獵者所殺害,導致公園中的黑犀牛快速消失,目前估計只剩不到500隻存活下來。不只如此,2020年三月,南非邊界因為防止Covid-19新冠疫情擴散而關閉,遊客減少減少公園收入,因而巡守員的嚴重短缺,盜獵者肆無忌憚地出沒,加劇對犀牛生存的威脅。於此之際野生動物保育更須仰賴各界支持。


Due to putting more effort to protect the earth, Hublot has launched the new Big Bang Unico SORAI Rhino watch. This special launch is for protecting the countable African rhinos in the world.

It's not the first time that Hublot tries to make a better world. This year Hublot once again works with Save Our Rhinos Africa and India and the founder Kevin Pietersen. The new Big Bang Unico SORAI isn't just limited but will donate part of profits to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary Organisation.

"Our planet is home to five species of rhinoceros. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, of these five species, the Black, Javan and Sumatran rhino are now considered "critically endangered", White rhino are "nearly threatened", and Indian rhino are "vulnerable". I am appalled by the brutality they face. There is an urgent need for action, and Hublot's support for this is crucial. By reducing the time it takes to act, we can protect as many rhinos as possible.” Kevin Pietersen FOUNDER OF SORAI

New Big Bang Unico SORAI

The first edition of Big Bang Unico SORAI used a khaki ceramic dial that symbolises the nature of the African. The new Big Bang Unico SORAI is still equipped with Hublot's own UNICO chronograph calibre and ceramic case. It adopts the unique shrub green of South Africa summer and extends from the camouflage rubber strap and the green touch fasteners strap. The transparent sapphire case-back is engraved with a special limited edition pattern, limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

"According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), international, national and local partners must work together to resolve the biodiversity crisis. It is our duty to amplify the voices of those who work on the ground to protect endangered species, particularly the African rhino, which is in critical danger of extinction. Hublot is truly delighted and proud to support Kevin Pietersen and SORAI in this movement which is so crucial for the future," Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.

Over the last 10 years, two-thirds of the rhinos in South Africa's Kruger Park have been killed by poachers. Black rhinos in Kruger Park have disappeared dramatically, and today there are estimated to be less than 500 remaining.

Hublot is using its global reach and reconfirming its support for Kevin Pietersen and SORAI – Save Our Rhino Africa India – with the release of a new edition of the Big Bang SORAI inviting 100 future owners to help support this cause for our planet. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated exclusively to Care for Wild – the largest rhino sanctuary in the world, supported by SORAI – for it to use as it sees fit.


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