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  • Dylan Tang

再展悠閒雅致 百達翡麗推出全新Aquanaut計時系列/ Patek Philippe unveiled 2 new AQUANAUT chronograph

百達翡麗(Patek Philippe)在1997年曾推出高級運動型腕錶 Aquanaut 系列,這款系列腕錶充滿現代感,一推出便引起轟動。但你知道它著名的錶殼與八角圓潤錶環設計靈感,其實來自1976年推出的Nautilus時計系列嗎?

其實Aquanaut 計時系列曾在 2018年推出過編號 5968A-001 鋼製腕錶,這是Aquanaut 系列首次推出的計時秒錶,當時一推出可說貫徹了該系列的運動氣息及動感。時間在往後推三年,這個瑞士高級腕錶品牌在2021年又推出了 Aquanaut 計時系列,而且是首次使用白金材質的款,並同時推出兩種不同顏色的錶面;黑色錶面(編號5968G-001腕錶);及卡其綠色錶面(編號5968G-010腕錶)。



Patek Philippe launched the new Aquanaut chronograph series! This Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer unveiled Aquanaut models that can be traced back to 1997. By the time, this model is full of modernity and caused a sensation when it was launched. But do you know that its famous case and octagonal rounded bezel are inspired by the Nautilus timepiece series launched in 1976?

In fact, the Aquanaut chronograph model had launched a steel watch model 5968A-001 in 2018. At that time, it can be said to implement the sporty and dynamic sense of the series. In the next three years, Patek Philippe launched the new Aquanaut chronograph series in 2021. It is the first time to use platinum material and launch two different colours of the surface simultaneously: black (No. 5968G-001 Watch); and khaki green (number 5968G-010 watch).

Patek Philippe reasserts the "contemporary casual chic" spirit of the Aquanaut flyback chronograph with the first white gold version of this self-winding model, combined with two colour variants for the dial and matching strap: an elegant midnight blue with a black-gradient rim and a bold khaki green. Water-resistant to 120 m, polished and satin finishes enhanced the case. The 60-minute counter at 6 o'clock is inspired by the rounded octagonal shape of the bezel. Four independent catches secure the patented fold-over clasp.


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