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  • Dylan Tang

大秀前哨戰 Fendi邀請眾星迎接春夏大秀/ Fight for Fame, Fendi’s SS21 Menswear show nearly arrived

Fendi 的春夏2022 大秀將在6/19 台灣時間晚上八點呈現。這一次的大秀不僅令人期待,更將邀請函以手繪地圖的方式呈現,更增添了神祕的氛圍。





李涵 Kiwi


Fendi's Spring/Summer 2022 show will be presented at 8 pm(GMT+8 )on 19th June. After the dull work from home, the fashion show is the only thing we can feel excited about. Besides, the invitation is presenting by a hand-drawn map. Doesn't it add more mysterious vibes?

To welcome the upcoming big show, this Italian fashion brand invited celebrities Eric Chou, Austin Lin, George Hu, Kiwi (Lee Han) to wear the AW21 collection to demonstrate How To Keep Safe From Pandemic In A Fashion Way.

Eric Chou

Austin Lin

George Hu

Kiwi (Lee Han)


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