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當家中的寵物穿上了FENDI寵物系列/Get these FENDI pet accessories before your pet leaving you!



說到寵物系列,早在之前許多精品品牌如Versace、Louis Vuitton以及Burberry便曾經推出過豪華寵物系列,並且在當時造成了一股熱潮。然而從去年開始,越來越多的寵物主人因為疫情的關係開始在家工作,這間接的導致寵物系列的需求有了顯著增長。

FENDI 品牌日前推出了「FENDI PET TRAVEL LINE」寵物系列,系列中分別有四項單品:寵物旅行手提包、防潑水尼龍外套,以及金屬銘牌皮帶和項圈皆飾以棕色和煙草色的招牌FF Logo,而衣服的按扣和皮帶的設計皆可輕鬆佩戴,讓我們不管在出遊或日常生活中時都能以最時尚有型的攜帶和運輸寵物,一同與毛孩們沈浸奢華的幸福氛圍中。

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The Labor holiday is coming soon. Everyone can't hide the excitement on their faces. Everyone asks "Where are you going this weekend?" In today, this question has appeared in the notice no less than 30 times. Taichung, Kaohsiung and Penghu, are your luggage ready? Then... Ah!

Ah! As I being home Acai (my dog) jumped at me, I suddenly thought about what to do with him this weekend? Modern people like everyone more and more like to keep pets, nothing more than to satisfy the natural instinct of longing for care and company. In the past, Acai always went to travel naked. No matter the wind and sun, not because he loves to let himself go too much, but because I always an empty pocket at the end of the month. Now looking at him sitting in front of his bowl and staring at me, I think it's time to upgrade his equipment!

Speaking of pet collections, many luxury brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Burberry have launched luxury pet collections before, which caused everyone crazy at the time. However, since last year, more and more pet owners have begun to work from home due to the covid-19, which indirectly led to a significant increase in the demand for pet collections.

The FENDI brand recently launched the "FENDI PET TRAVEL LINE" pet collections. There are four pieces in the collections: pet travel handbags, water-repellent nylon jackets, metal nameplate belts and collar decorated with brown and tobacco colour signature FF Logo, and the design of the buttons and belts of the clothes can be easily worn. That allows us to carry and transport pets in the most fashionable and stylish way, however, travel or daily life. Let's ready to fall into the luxurious and happy atmosphere with your furry pets!


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