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  • Dylan Tang

致敬大師 Dior冬季2021男裝形象滿佈當代氣息/ Dior 2021 Winter Men's Campaign Mix modernity and Poetic Melancholy

「攝影師 Raphael Pavarotti 以 Peter Doig 的畫作定調形象照色彩並注入當代氣息,揉合現代感和憂鬱詩意的傑作。」Kim Jones

Dior 推出 2021 冬季男裝形象照。男裝創意總監 Kim Jones 在這個系列重新詮釋正裝,並從品牌的經典得到豐沛創作靈感。每款造型都彰顯 Dior 工坊的精湛工藝,以及藝術家 Peter Doig 畫作的獨特魅力。

為了致敬這位藝術大師色彩斑斕的美學世界,這個系列推出了手繪圓頂帽和貝雷帽點綴整體造型,並透過攝影師Rafael Pavarotti 的獨特視角以純粹藝術的筆觸揮灑出創意的疆界。

“Raphael Pavarotti really gave a contemporary twist to this Dior men’s Winter 2021-2022 campaign. The photographs are like paintings, with a colour palette inspired by Peter Doig’s universe. It’s a mix between modernity and poetic melancholy.” Kim Jones

Dior unveiled it’s winter 2021 Campaign. In this campaign, Kim Jones reinterprets formal wear, a captivating source of inspiration and an ever-reinvented reference to the House’s heritage. Each look exalts the excellent craftsmanship of the Dior Ateliers and celebrates the singular enchantment of Peter Doig’s paintings.

In order to pay tribute to Peter Doig, photographer Rafael Pavarotti’s lens are revealed exceptional pieces made in collaboration with this British artist. In an ode to his fascinating aesthetic, silhouettes are completed by poetic punctuations, with hats and berets based on the styles worn by his subjects. A virtuoso expression of infinite creativity, these hand-painted works surpass the limits of the imagination.


Photographer Ad / Digital Campaign: Rafael Pavarotti

Film Maker: Jason Yan Francis

Art Director: Ronnie Cooke Newhouse

Stylist: Melanie Ward

Make Up Artist: Peter Philips

Hair Stylist: Benjamin Muller

Models: Thatcher Thornton @ Supa - Woosang Kim @ Premier - Djibril N’diaye @ Noah - Jean @Tigers MGMT


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