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國家級示範 Emporio Armani讓居家運動也時髦/ Wait for it, Emporio Armani shows you how to be a fashionable athlete

台灣的Covid-19疫情來得太急,許多人都還沒做好萬全準備就得待在家中防疫。全民一起抑制病毒傳播應該是現在每個人都該做的事,但是待在家中要怎麼使自己仍保有基本的抵抗力呢?除了 Work from home 以外,我們也該 Work out from home,來讓自己能有足夠的體力來打這場持久戰。


Emporio Armani 的運動系列EA7 在2021春夏推出了全新運動服飾,它的設計不僅更符合人體工學,更讓人們在進行高強度活動時肌肉部位能更自在地活動。此外,Emporio Armani的EA7 還是義大利代表隊在東京奧運會的官方服裝。由此可見,EA7 的性能應該不只是品牌空口說白話,它的機能性得到了義大利運動員的肯定。











The Covid-19 impacts Taiwan is coming too urgently; therefore, many people have to stay at home to prevent the virus in these couple of weeks. The reason why people should stay at home is to suppress the spread of the virus. However, in addition to Work From Home, we should also Workout From Home. That then we can have enough energy to fight this protracted battle.

Italy National Team Shows You How To Do

Emporio Armani's sports collection EA7 launched new sportswear this Spring/Summer 2021. Its design is more ergonomic and allows people to move their muscles more freely during high-intensity activities. Furthermore, EA7 is also the official outfit of the Italian National Team in the Tokyo Olympics. It can be seen that the performance of EA7 should be more than just the brand's protocol, and Italian athletes have affirmed its functionality.

Taiwanese's Fate

We are still uncertain that if Taiwan can still attend Tokyo Olympics. But suppose you want to experience sports fashion recognised by the Italian national team. In that case, it is better to refer to the sports menu from the new generation actor Yu Lin at home. Because it's never too late to build your body through, plus, enjoy the Italian fashion at the same time.


Abdominal muscle core workout (video rundown in 5 mins)

-Crunch(upper abdominal muscle) repeat this motion 12 times / around 60 seconds

5 seconds rest

-Leg raise with a crunch-left side of body and repeat this motion 12 times / around 60 seconds

5 seconds rest

-Leg raise with crunch-right side of body and repeat this motion 12 times / around 60 seconds

5 seconds rest

-Air cycling and repeat this motion 15 times / around 30 seconds

5 seconds rest

-Active straight leg raise and repeat this motion 20 times / around 45 seconds

-Stretch Abs keep this motion around 30 seconds

Done the above steps in 5 mins

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