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How Jake HSU and Yu LIN will be legendary. 3 songs will explain it for you/ 三首歌解釋 徐鈞浩&林禹如何成為下個經典

Remember that New Order sang these inspiring lyrics from World In Motion in 1990? Although the England team did not win the championship in the end, the song left to history has become a classic.

“Express yourself

Create the space

You know you can win

Don't give up the chase”

《World In Motion》- New Order

On the day I met Jake HSU and Lin YU, these two actors did not have a celebrity ego at all but had an unexpected boy next door vibe. Jake and Lin, born in 1990, have passed their first 30 years and are preparing to move on to the next stage in their life. But there are many unpredictable things in the future so will they be able to be fortunetellers? Therefore, why don’t we think back on what happened in the past, maybe we can find something there and keep our strength to move towards the future.

The Proudest Work Since Debut

Jake HSU, who once performed in Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark at the Qseries Series. This is the work that expanded his popularity from 2016. For him, this series is his proudest work, because not only did this film win the 27th Golden Bell Awards for the Best Drama it also made him a well-known figure.

However, Jake has performed dozens of parts. Would it be unfair to say this is the one he feels the proudest of? He explained, “I kept shooting new work afterwards, so what I can do for myself is to make every performance prouder in the future. Because it’s like I’m constantly making new attempts to constantly be a better actor."

Lin YU, who entered the entertainment industry recently, said that Love Is Science? is his most proud work. "Because in the series I was challenged by a character I had never tried before. At first I was a little worried that I would not be competent to do it. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to show the most natural look. So I did a lot of research for this role and figured out the state of mind that the role should have.”

“All you need is your own imagination

So use it, that's what it's for (that's what it's for)

Go inside for your finest inspiration

Your dreams will open the door”

《Vogue》- Madonna

The 1990’s was a time where multiple memorable events happened, such as the 90s kids embracing the Digital Age. But to be honest, people born in that era are no different from people in other eras. If you want to identify the biggest difference, then it should be unlimited imagination. Just like Madonna sang in the classic song Vogue which released in 1990, "Go inside for your finest inspiration. Your dreams will open the door"

If One Day You Become a legend

However, as actors, Jake HSU and Lin YU's main job is to perform. They must place themselves in another person's life and show them to the audience. In a way, this behaviour is to turn one's imagination into a dream, projected in the audience's mind.

But can their performance be as classic as Madonna's song?

"I actually don't dare to think that one day I will become a legend. Of course, it would be great if it happened, but I would not regret it if it didn't happen." Jake said.

"I never thought that I would become a legend. I would rather be satisfied as a good actor. If I really want to say that, then I would prefer to have a role that can be related to my persona." Lin YU

I think there's something you should know

(I think it's time I told you so)

There's something deep inside of me

(There's someone else I've got to be)

Take back your picture in a frame

(Take back your singing in the rain)

I just hope you understand

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

《Freedom! ’90》- George Michael

Being an adult is an easy thing but being satisfied with yourself isn’t that simple. "I will not say that I’m a perfect man but I certainly didn’t let the ten-year-old me down." For Jake, his current personality was developed in university because he had lived in his own world before uni and felt that this world has always been very ideal so, somehow, he is kind of an outsider.

Being an outsider and shy are also shared by Lin YU and Jake HSU. Lin answered "I was also a very introverted person before I went to Beijing in 2015. After I went there, my personality began to change, becoming more and more cheerful.”

Their drastic change of personality is maybe just like George Michael’s lyrics in “Freedom! '90”, “I just hope you understand. Sometimes the clothes do not make the man”

Although Jake HSU and Lin YU only debuted less than ten years ago. But their story to tell and is longer than other people. After all, we wouldn’t say they are legends but who knows they if won’t be iconic actors in the future? Just like New Order, Madonna, and George Michael, how did they become legends? They’ve been through decades and decades.

"I hope I can be more flexible when I am 60 years old.

Besides, I wish I can keep exploring the world without disease and pain. "

Jake HSU. A 90s kid born on December 30, 1990

“I never thought about what kind of person I would become when I’m 60 years old.

But I will try to achieve all the goals I set nowadays.

Also do my best to keep the current original intention. “

Lin YU. A 90s kid born on November 3, 1990


EDITOR Dylan Tang


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