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  • Dylan Tang

【影片】臺客雜誌 ISSUE11 封面人物- Kit Connor/ 【Video】TAIKER Magazine ISSUE11 Cover Star- Kit Connor

今年18歲的 Kit Connor 出生倫敦,透過視訊訪問他,仍能透過螢幕感受到英倫紳士的風采。他曾演出過許多作品,但2020 後最令人印象深刻的就是《戀愛修課》。這是一部講述青少年在成長過程中找尋自己感情方向的故事,Kit Connor 則是在影集中飾演高二擅長打橄欖球的 Nick Nelson。

回想當時拍戲的過程,Kit Connor 認為打橄欖球的戲最讓他印象深刻「打橄欖球的場景是我覺得過程中最困難的一部分。我其實不太像 Nick Nelson 一樣那麼會打球,所以有時候在拍的時候我還是會被嚇到,因為橄欖球其實有點可怕。但是這個可怕還是帶點有趣的成分在,因為那個時候有很多比我還高大的人在我身旁跑來跑去。這也是我覺得拍《戀愛修課》時最印象深刻的事情。」

The 18-year-old Kit Connor was born in London. Although interviewing him through the internet, I can still feel the style of the British gentleman through the screen. He has performed many times, but Heartstopper is his most impressive work since 2020. It is a story about teenagers discovering their sexuality as they grow up, and Kit Connor plays Nick Nelson, a high school rugby player in the series.

Looking back on the filming process at that time, Kit Connor thinks that the rugby scenes were the most impressive to him. "I think the rugby scenes were very difficult to film. I'm definitely not like as much of a rugby player as Nick Nelson is so those scenes were definitely quite daunting to film and quite, you know, a little bit scary. But as soon as we got into them it was really fun and still a little bit scary because you've got a lot of big guys running right towards you! But yeah I think that was probably the most impressive thing when we were filming."

To finish the project, Kit also received training from Paul, a rugby coach, three or four days a week for the role. Kicking, tackling, sculpting, or running, and he did every basic rugby workout again and again just to get the role right.


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