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  • Dylan Tang

【影片】臺客雜誌 ISSUE10 封面人物- 黃河/ 【Video】TAIKER Magazine ISSUE10 Cover Star- River Huang

「當時對我來說就是一個15歲的人不小心做的一件事情。我當下不覺得有任何改變,我發現的改變反而是別人如何看待我、對我講的話,對我的看法,才讓我發現『原來這件事情其實是有發生改變的』、『原來這件事情是有影響的』『原來這件事情是讓我發現我跟別人有差別的』。」- 黃河


“Acting in Dangerous Mind was something that I coincidentally did when I was 15. I didn’t feel like there was any change at that time, the change I found afterward was how others saw me, what they said to me, how they felt about me. Then I realised ‘So it actually changed!’, ‘It did effect something!’, ‘It made me be different from others"." - River Huang

In 2006, River Huang became the youngest person to win the Best Actor Award at the Golden Bell Awards because of Dangerous Mind. From then on his life started leading him in a different way.

He not only understands that he likes acting and loves performing, but he also established Clappin Media and Goodtakes Studio with his partners to help young people who want to act.


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