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  • Dylan Tang

【影片】臺客雜誌 ISSUE10 封面人物- 町田啓太/ 【Video】TAIKER Magazine ISSUE10 Cover Star- Keita Machida


這個IP(Intellectual Property)不只在日本獲得許多掌聲,甚至連海外許多國家都持續關注著後續發展。電影男主角町田啓太得知此現象後驚訝的表示「完全沒有預想到。原本就很希望能成為一部可以讓每位觀眾烙印在心的作品。而我也聽到了很多溫暖的回饋聲音,真的非常的感謝。」

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! was a hit when it aired on TV and streaming platforms. Whether it's a story about pure love or a delicate description of the lives of common people, this story has no end. From a comic to a TV series, and then from a TV series to a film, it's evident that this story will continue and let us feel 'Love is a real thing.'

This IP (Intellectual Property) earned a lot of applause in Japan, but even many overseas countries are paying attention to the follow-up of its development. Keita Machida, the film's leading actor, was surprised when he knew this film had created such a phenomenon, "I didn't expect it at all. I really hoped that it would become a work that could impress everyone. And I also heard a lot of warm feedback, I really appreciate it very much."


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