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  • Ken Huang

帝舵表復古新作 Black Bay Chrono回歸賽車魂/ Tudor’s nostalgia of future, Black Bay Chrono

今年2021 Watches&Wonders 上帝舵表(Tudor)相當搶眼,以Black Bay為核心,像是計時碼錶新款就相當有話題,貝克漢更是搶先上手,黑白熊貓面目前正是一發表就全部上架,真的太佛心。

帝舵表現極佳,當家的碧灣型(Black Bay)影音及系列新錶在發表會上以充滿趣味的六分鐘影音呈現,展現年輕化形象。幾個重點分享如下:五十週年的計時碼表(Chrono)紀念款,Black Bay 58採用925銀及18CT黃金搭配綠面的新款,各自有獨特魅力外,還有著復古新作的全新感受。


提起Tudor旗下計時碼錶,可追溯到1970年代的Oysterdate,以賽車運動為發展核心的作品,有「本壘板」的暱稱,主因是鮮明的雙眼錶盤後方有個矩形的造型。45分鐘計時盤、6點鐘日期窗,是原先計時碼表的各色,後來於2017年更結合代表性潛水錶Black Bay系列,推出了Black Bay Chrono系列,更加入了雪花針、圓形時標、12點鐘方向的三角形時標(方便水下計時)等,以及防水200公尺的效能,可說完美融合。

新款紀念計時碼錶五十週年的TUDOR Black Bay Chrono有著更加復古的外在
新款紀念計時碼錶五十週年的TUDOR Black Bay Chrono有著更加復古的外在

Black Bay Chrono推出的同一年就獲得日內瓦鐘錶大賞(GPHG)的小指針獎殊榮,有著最具競爭力的價格及高品質,讓摸過的人都愛不釋手。新款重點則是多款錶帶,搭配上更纖薄的14.4mm精鋼錶殼,更加輕量化且合手,搭配上鋼帶、黑色提花織紋帶及黑色仿古皮帶等,更有風貌。



At the Watches&Wonders 2021, Tudor addressed Black Bay as the core product and released new chronographs, which undoubtedly be the press' hot topic. How hot is it? Even David Beckham can't wait to be the first to put Tudor on his wrist. Furthermore, the black and white dial kinds are currently on the market as soon as they are released. That's another outbreaking thing we can see from this remarkable event.

The leading Black Bay and other new collections were presented in a fun six-minute video. Those moving images were propaganda that Tudor can be young and energetic. We want to share a few key points: The 50th Anniversary Chrono commemorative model, the Black Bay 58 uses 925 silver and 18CT gold with a green surface. In addition to their unique charm, they also have a new feeling of retro work.

When we talked about Tudor's chronograph, it can be traced back to the Oysterdate in the 1970s. It is a work with motorsports which is also the core of its development. Besides, it has the nickname "home plate". Why people give it a CUTE nickname? The main reason is the distinctive rectangular shape behind the binocular dial. The 45-minute chronograph and the date at 6 o'clock are the colours of the original chronograph. Later, in 2017, was combined it with the representative diving watch Black Bay collection to launch the Black Bay Chrono, which also added snowflake hands and round hour markers. , The triangular time scale at 12 o'clock (convenient for underwater timing), etc., as well as the performance of waterproofing to 200 meters, can be said to be a perfect combination.

The Black Bay Chrono won the Geneva Watch Awards (GPHG) Petite Aiguille Award in the same year it was launched. It has the most competitive price and high quality, so anyone who has touched it will love it. The new focus is on various watch straps, with a thinner 14.4mm stainless steel case, which is lighter and more compact, with a steel belt, black jacquard weave belt and black antique leather belt, etc., which is more stylish.

In the past, combining the images of land and sea, the 50th-anniversary commemorative model returned to the soul of racing. The black antique belt has the racing charm of a racing watch and is rugged and stylish; the woven strap is elegantly washed. This is equipped with MT5813 movement, anti-magnetic silicon hairspring, 70-hour power reserve, and COSC certified works. It is super competitive regardless of its appearance or internality!


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