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  • Dylan Tang

綠色火花 泰格豪雅的極限綠腕錶/ Green gems, TAG Heuer presents two greenish watches

台灣可能還沒有很多人熟悉賽車這項運動,但賽車在全世界的運動賽事中,卻是能激發熱情的佼佼者。而成立於1860年的泰格豪雅(TAG Heuer)自從品牌創立以來,它就在多項的賽車賽事中擔任官方計時;原因無他,那是因為這個瑞士鐘錶品牌不僅有準確的計時能力,更在設計上有獨樹一格的美學。


摩納哥古董車大獎賽(Grand Prix de Monaco Historique )2021年的新賽事,泰格豪雅特別推出經典計時碼錶TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial Calibre Heuer 02 綠錶面自動腕錶獨家限量版 。

兩個黑色計時器和以白色Super-LumiNova®夜光塗料的鍍銠鑲貼刻度和指針,並搭配泰格豪雅錶廠自製的卓越Calibre Heuer 02自動機芯驅動,提供80小時動力儲存。此外,這只限量腕錶錶鏡使用的是藍寶石水晶玻璃,機芯的擺陀和導柱輪上的鐫刻也以綠色呈現。直徑39毫米的TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial Calibre Heuer 02 配搭黑色鱷魚皮錶帶。

W&W 的綠色焦點

上個月剛結束的 Watches & Wonders 泰格豪雅(TAG Heuer)推出了全新的 Aquaracer 系列,並同步推出 Aquaracer Professional 300米自動腕錶。全新Aquaracer Professional 300米自動腕錶除了基本設計大玩新意,主系更有七款型號的腕錶,分為兩種尺寸(四款腕錶搭載直徑 43 毫米錶殼,三款為 36 毫米)問世。其中在 43毫米的項目裡,有一只腕錶使用高科技霧面 2 級鈦金屬材質,搭配綠色錶面,呈現不一樣的風格設計。


There may not be many people in Taiwan who are familiar with racing, but this sport is the icon of inspiring enthusiasm worldwide. TAG Heuer, founded in 1860, has served as the official timekeeper in a number of racing games since it was founded; there is no other reason because this Swiss watch brand has accurate timing capabilities and has a unique aesthetic design.

The Green Monaco Exclusive Limited Watch

At the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2021, TAG Heuer launched the classic Monaco Green Dial Calibre Heuer 02 exclusive limited edition green dial automatic watch.

Two black timers and rhodium-plated indexes and hands with white Super-LumiNova® luminous paint and are driven by the excellent Calibre Heuer 02 automatic movement made by TAG Heuer, providing a power reserve of 80 hours. In addition, this limited edition watch uses sapphire crystal, and the engravings on the rotor and column wheel of the movement are also presented in green. The 39 mm diameter TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial Calibre Heuer 02 comes with a black alligator strap.

W&W's green spotlight

Last month, TAG Heuer launched a new Aquaracer collection at Watches & Wonders 2021 named Aquaracer Professional 300-meter automatic. In addition to the iconic design of the new Aquaracer Professional 300m automatic watch, the collection has seven models of watches, divided into two sizes (four watches with a 43 mm diameter case and three with a 36 mm diameter). Among them, in the 43 mm project, there is a watch made of high-tech matte grade 2 titanium material, with a green surface, showing a different style design.


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