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  • Josh Lin

胡宇威也抵擋不住的THOM BROWNE魅力/Finally ! THOM BROWNE in Taipei

THOM BROWNE充滿挑戰性和極具現代感的修身剪裁、精湛手工以及其美式風格,讓身為西裝控的胡宇威在穿上招牌西裝後,也深深地為THOM BROWNE的魅力而著迷。

「全系列的THOM BROWNE,我都是挑選深藍色為主。」近期因為參加節目《全明星運動會》受傷,活動方便的品牌運動服也成為胡宇威的首選,因此無論西裝或是運動服,胡宇威都豪不猶豫地展現出他對THOM BROWNE經典深藍的情有獨鍾。

THOM BROWNE微風專門店維持品牌一貫的風格設計,延續與ASA Studioalbanese建築師Flavio Albanese合作,採用中世紀現代主義(Minimalist Mid-century)風格的辦公室,成排的日光照明燈管、黑、白水磨石地板與淺灰色Bardiglio大理石牆面,完美詮釋 THOM BROWNE經典的識別風格。

音樂迷們一定知道菲董(Pharrell Williams)時常穿著THOM BROWNE出席各大場合,影迷們也一定知道THOM BROWNE已儼然成為紅毯的常客,運動迷們更是不會忘記當年品牌愛用者LeBron James送了成套西裝給整個球隊,假如這些你都知道,那麼你怎能錯過穿上THOM BROWNE的胡宇威呢?


THOM BROWNE is full of challenging and modern tailoring, exquisite handwork and its American style, so that George Hu, who is a suit-controller, is deeply fascinated by the charm of THOM BROWNE after wearing the signature suit.

"For the full range of THOM BROWNE, I always choose dark blue." Recently, I was injured by participating in the show "All Star Sports Day", and brand sportswear that is convenient for activities has become George's first choice. Therefore, regardless of suit or sportswear,George Hu didn,t hesitate to show his special liking for THOM BROWNE's classic deep blue.

The THOM BROWNE store maintains the brand’s consistent style design and continues the collaboration with ASA Studioalbanese architect Flavio Albanese. It adopts a Minimalist Mid-century style office with rows of daylight lamps and black and white terrazzo floors. With light gray Bardiglio marble wall, it perfectly interprets the classic recognition style of THOM BROWNE.

Music fans must know that Pharrell Williams often wears THOM BROWNE to attend various occasions. Movie fans must also know that THOM BROWNE has become a frequent visitor on the red carpet. Sports fans will not forget that the brand lover LeBron James gave it to his whole team a suit. If you know all this, then how can you miss George Hu wearing THOM BROWNE?


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