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  • Josh Lin

來自PS Paul Smith的微笑,將在今夏蔓延/ "What makes you happy?"From PS Paul Smith

尖峰時刻的交通、口罩內稀薄的氧氣和飛不出國的失望窘境,在這個急需保持樂觀態度的年代,PS Paul Smith 推出了Happy系列,以簡單一致的設計風格重新詮釋支線識別Logo,並呈現於男女日常系列單品之中。

為了捕捉與傳遞積極的正面態度,Paul Smith邀請製片人Leonn Ward以街頭素人為對象,創造一系列原創影片,並以一個簡單提問貫穿該影片:「什麼使你快樂?(What makes you happy?)」與好友共度 美好生活、與大自然產生連繫、聆聽喜愛的音樂...這些值得細品的幸福片刻,也是PS Happy系列的靈感來源。

運用「PS Paul Smith」字樣組合而成的微笑識別,將繽紛色彩運用在尼龍夾克、丹寧襯衫,以及一系列棉質T恤、衛衣、連帽上衣、Polo衫與休閒棉褲等,或是帶有經典條紋元素的上衣,為即將到來的春夏日常時尚,承載滿滿的微笑正能量!


In the rush hour traffic, the thin oxygen in the mask, and the disappointment of not being able to fly abroad, PS Paul Smith release the Happy collection in this era of desperate need to maintain an optimistic attitude, reinterpreting the branch line identification logo with a simple and consistent design style, and presenting it in among the men and women collections.

In order to capture and convey positive attitudes, Paul Smith invited the producer Leonn Ward to create a series of original films targeting street amateurs, and a simple question throughout the film: "What makes you happy? )" Living a good time with friends, connecting with nature, listening to your favourite music... These moments of happiness are worthy of savouring and are also the inspiration for the PS Happy collection.

Smile recognition combined with the words "PS Paul Smith", using colourful colours on nylon jackets, denim shirts, and a collection of cotton T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, polo shirts and casual cotton pants, etc., or The top with classic striped elements, for the upcoming spring and summer daily fashion, carrying a full of positive energy with a smile!


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