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  • Dylan Tang

黑暗的明亮 《青春弒戀》林柏宏用力地活著愛著/ Terrorizers, Austin Lin Loves too Hard





「這部電影比我想像的更深刻,每個人物都用力的活著愛著,看完後仍會一直去想,後勁很強。」- 林柏宏


Terrorizers will be in the cinema on November 19 in Taiwan. This film mainly describes the story of six seemingly unrelated but influencing each other and finally involved in the random killing of young people. Through the concepts given by the six characters of love, desire, and crime packaging, this film explores Generation Z's living environment, surrounded by virtuality, online games, Internet celebrities, public social opinion, family issues, etc.

Austin Lin plays Guo Ming-Liang in the movie, but this character isn't that positive (Ming-Liang in Mandarin pronounced similar to bright-side) but a bit dark and unpredictable. For this role, Austin siad "Ming-Liang is a very mysterious person. When I first read the script, I actually found it hard to imagine what kind of person he is, but in fact, it seems that he can be any kind of person. He has many possibilities."

"He desires love, but he doesn't know how to love."

To interpret the 22-year-old role, Austin has to imagine himself as a college student immersed in video games, Internet and magnify the emotion of loneliness on the screen to bring himself closer to the role in the movie. "It's hard to find the darkest and lonely part in my heart; I hoped to be close to the Ming-Liang. Therefore, during the shooting process, I was always in a state that kept a distance from others. But this role is also simple and warm, with many aspects and possibilities. Ming-Liang has many difficult solo scenes. His heart is closed, and he doesn't talk much, but it's not easy to make the audience understand him."

"This movie is more profound than I thought. Every character lives and loves hard. After watching it, I can't stop thinking about it. It has a potent film." - Austin Lin

Photos Courtesy of 《青春弒戀》提供


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