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Austin Lin, The Dawn Who Never Be Gone…/ 林柏宏 那一抹晨曦,依舊…

There was a saying that "have to go through the way to the deep night, in order to usher the warm morning dawn. Austin Lin, who has also experienced that night, knew that as long as he persevered, he would find that "dawn" of his own.

Shrouded in darkness

At the end of last year, Austin, who was shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor with "i WEiR DO", will continue to produce more work this year. In addition to the movie “Hospital” with the theme of the well-known haunted house, he also going to shine bright in the TV series “Who Killed the Good Man” and “Tears on Fire”. However, his seemingly bright future career acting career has actually experienced that long, bewildering and frustrating night.

"It was during that period that I realised that the true melancholy is this kind of feeling. I couldn't do anything with my body or mind. Now when I think back to that period, I feel very grateful for the feelings I felt at that time.”-Austin Lin

Not only that, but the bitter dark night is always accompanied by a dense fog, which put Austin to the test. Participating in the performance of “At Cafe 6” at the time, it brought him negative doubts and public opinion. Although he reached the first high point in his career. However, Austin did not give up because of this, but chose instead to humbly ask for advice and transform this negativity into energy to move forward to the next high point. The hard work over the years has not only enabled him to win the Golden Horse Award again, but also convinced him of the process of realising himself: "Being the finalist is a great affirmation for me, not to prove to anyone, but myself. Steadfast."

In a flash

As the saying goes, "It comes suddenly, and it goes quickly. Only by cherishing every moment can it be fully captured." Last year, our lives were challenged like never before, so we should "cherish" everyone and everything more.

"Cherish every opportunity to get along with each other, grasp every passing feeling, even if it is difficult to achieve 100%. However, life is unpredictable or will leave regrets, and this is what we need to learn in this decade.”-Austin Lin

Whether in reality or drama, life reminds us of its preciousness and the importance of "cherishing" it all the time. In the TV series "Tears on Fire", which will be broadcast this year, Austin plays a firefighter with a sense of justice. As long as he puts on a fireproof outfit, he becomes a brave man in the flames. Recalling the training before shooting, Austin said, “As long as they are at work, they are fighting, and they feel that life is in their hands. If they make a wrong step, then precious lives may disappear.”

After dawn

That year, Austin signed up for a singing audition because of his love of singing, but he didn’t expect that he would be discovered by talent scouts and start his acting career. But, in the process, Austin gradually realised that he loved acting so deeply. Now he no longer has the youthfulness of singing “Endless Story”, but his sunny smile has not disappeared because of the tempering of years and reality.

"I hope I can always do what I like. Although I did not expect to be an actor, it is something I like so much, so I feel that I am really lucky to have what I like so much as my job and get recognition and help from many people along the way. ‘'-Austin Lin

Persistence is not difficult, but how did Austin persist on the road of performing arts for more than a decade? And how will he continue for his rest of life? Perhaps he has always believed in his choice and continued to shine toward his yearning. No matter how dark and bitter the road will be, he still believes that the final result will be beautiful. After all, there will always dawn after the dark night, and with this dawn his name is Austin Lin.


TEXT Josh Lin




HAIR Garden @80sstudio

DESIGN Shuian Hsu

VIDEO Howard Chin

Editor Dylan Tang



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