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  • Dylan Tang

2019六國賽第三輪:法國隊主場狂壓蘇格蘭/ Six Nations, Round 3, France defeated Scotland at home



這場比賽一開始法國隊就展現了非贏不可的決心,雖然勇敢猛攻的戰略讓 Yoann Huget 得到了黃牌,但是也因為下定決心埋頭苦幹的毅力,讓蘇格蘭隊在上半場就落後了十二分。


這一場比賽的 Man of the Match 是 Thomas Ramos,他在這一場比賽中的表現優異,不管在攻擊還是反擊上都有著令人亮眼的表現。

After a week of rest, the third round of the Six Nations was finally kicked off. In the first match, Les Bleus against Scotland at home. This is a defending game, due to the winner can keep the third place in the chart. After all, the top spots have become the world of Wales and England, if either France and Scotland not well held this match, then it is very difficult to turn defeat into victory in the rest of the schedule.

At the beginning of the game, the French team showed their determination to win. Although the brave and intensive strategy gave Yoann Huget a yellow card, but because of the determination to work hard, the Scottish team fell behind in the first half.

However, The Scottish team's determination is not inferior to the French team, but perhaps facing the French team’s home advantage and heavy pressure, the Scottish team still can't break through the second half.

Henceforth, the soldiers from the north at the end of the game still far behind the French team's 27 points. This result also allows the French team to retain the third place in the rankings, while the Scottish team is ranked fourth.

The Man of the Match in this game is Thomas Ramos, who has performed well in this game and has a dazzling performance in both attack and counterattack.


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