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  • Dylan Tang

熟男蛻變 Ryan Gosling出任泰格豪雅全球大使/ Ryan Gosling, the new face of TAG Heuer

瑞士腕錶品牌TAG Heuer(泰格豪雅)宣布新任全球品牌大使為Ryan Gosling(萊恩葛斯林),並同時推出 Carrera 三針系列腕錶。

今年即將41 歲的 Ryan Gosling,從米老鼠俱樂部時期就因為長相出眾獲得觀眾喜愛。後期在《手札情緣》、《落日車神》、《樂來樂愛你》和《銀翼殺手2049》都有非常出眾的表現。此外,Gosling 低調沉穩的氣質以及與生俱來的自信,都與TAG Heuer 擁有相符的特質。也因為同樣都懷抱著滿腔的熱血、無拘無束的個性與卓越的追求,使Ryan Gosling 能與Steve McQueen(史蒂夫麥昆)成為TAG Heuer 泰格豪雅的傳奇人物代表。

「有著超過160年的歷史,TAG Heuer 泰格豪雅已然成為製錶界中卓越經典的標竿,身為品牌大使加入TAG Heuer 泰格豪雅對我來說是不需要花時間考慮的,時間正是我現在最重視的事情。看著我的孩子飛速成長,更讓我知道把握時間的重要性。」- Ryan Gosling

泰格豪雅Carrera 三針腕錶

這次Ryan Gosling 作為代言人所配戴的Carrera 三針系列腕錶。在西班牙語中,「Carrera」一詞不僅有道路和比賽的意思,還有職業或賽道的解讀,也有著合適的意味,就如同TAG Heuer 泰格豪雅Carrera 三針腕錶,適合所有在賽場上對於錶面有著極高要求的賽車手。

Carrera 三針腕錶可以細分成4個子系列,分別是: Carrera 星期日期41毫米自動腕錶、Carrera Twin-Time 日期41毫米自動腕錶、Carrera 日期39毫米自動腕錶和Carrera 日期29毫米自動腕錶。在易讀性和清晰度的追求仍然堅定不移,新Carrera 三針腕錶系列在兼具現代感外型設計,同時也忠於傳統的精神,展現出TAG Heuer 泰格豪雅持續創新突破卻不忘初衷的精神。

「我欣賞這款腕錶不過時的設計。大致來說,我向來都崇尚簡約且不過於繁瑣的設計。而這也是因為我從小生活在比較拮据的家庭環境中,因此我總是會被簡單而永恆的事物所吸引,這樣我就不用擔心要時時刻刻緊追著潮流。」- Ryan Gosling


Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer announced the new global brand ambassador as Ryan Gosling and launched the Carrera three-hand series at the same time.

Ryan Gosling, who will be 41 years old this year, has been loved by the audience since his time at the Mickey Mouse Club because of his outstanding looks. However, he didn't rely on his great look but his amazing acting. Such as his unforgettable performances he later appeared in The Notebook, Drive, La La Land and Blade Runner 2049. In addition, Gosling's low-key and calm personality is on the same page as TAG Heuer. Therefore, Gosling can be the ambassador for TAG Heuer as Steve McQueen.

"Partnering with such an iconic brand which has been a pillar of excellence for more than 160 years was an easy decision." - Ryan Gosling

Carrera three-hand watch

Ryan Gosling wears the Carrera three-hand series watch as the new face of TAH Heuer. In Spanish, the word "Carrera" not only means road and competition but also professional or track interpretation. It also has a suitable meaning, just like the TAG Heuer Carrera three-hand watch, suitable for all on the court Racers who have incredibly high demands on the surface.

"I generally respond to simple design," Gosling explained from the stage. "We grew up on a budget so I kind of veered towards timeless things because you didn't have to keep up with trends. I think that generally stuck." - Ryan Gosling


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