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  • Josh Lin

飛馳電掣於腕間,TAG Heuer F1系列為2021開幕大獎賽而誕生/TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection

對賽車有著莫名的熱愛,那是許多男人與生俱來的通病,為了親眼看上一場F1,無論如何都在所不惜。血液不由自主地跟隨著呼嘯而過的賽車脈動,而內心難掩的情緒也同時跟著引擎聲此起彼落。為了慶祝2021 F1第一站巴林開幕大獎賽的落幕,瑞士頂級製錶品牌TAG Heuer特此推出四款全新F1系列腕錶,強勢吸引每個車迷的目光。

TAG Heuer F1系列依舊淋漓盡致的展現品牌的原創魅力,打自1986年推出以來,該系列在TAG Heuer的百年製錶發展上便佔據著特殊地位。作為適合在馳騁賽道時配戴的非凡時計,F1系列腕錶設計靈感源自20世紀八九十年代的活力橙和檸檬黃配色,恰似代表著軟胎與中性胎的顏色,並透過此鮮明色彩與瀝青效果錶面,為全新時計腕錶增添一抹新鮮的都市氣息。

TAG Heuer F1系列的四款全新經典腕錶,致敬了品牌對賽車運動始終如一的滿腔熱情。這些腕錶包括三款計時腕錶和一款三針腕錶,均採用直徑為43毫米的精鋼錶殼、陶瓷錶圈以及瀝青效果錶面。除此之外,部分款式搭配尼龍錶帶,更是呼應了賽車駕駛艙內的安全帶裝置,為錶款增加了些許的緊張刺激感。TAG Heuer F1系列不僅僅只是款適合在賽車運動時配戴的錶款,更是象徵著TAG Heuer在賽車運動中無法撼動的地位。


There is an inexplicable love for racing, a common problem that many men are born with. To watch Formula 1 with their own eyes, no matter what. The blood involuntarily follows the pulsation of the racing car that whizzes by, and the unconcealed emotions in the heart also follow the sound of the engine one after another. In order to celebrate the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix in the first round of the 2021 Formula 1 opening race, Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer launched four new Formula 1 collection watches, which strongly attracted the attention of every car fan.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection still vividly displays the original charm of the brand. Since its launch in 1986, the collection has occupied a special position in the development of TAG Heuer's century-old watchmaking. As an extraordinary timepiece suitable to be worn on the track, the collection of watches are inspired by the vibrant orange and lemon yellow colour schemes of the 1980s and 1990s. They represent the colours of soft tires and neutral tires, and through this, Bright colours and asphalt-effect surfaces add a fresh urban atmosphere to the new timepieces.

The four new classic watches in the TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection pay tribute to the brand's consistent passion for motorsports. These watches include three chronographs and a three-hand watch, all with a 43 mm diameter stainless steel case, ceramic bezel and asphalt effect surface. Also, some styles are matched with nylon straps, which echo the seat belt device in the racing cockpit, adding a little excitement to the watch models. The collection is not only a watch that is suitable for motorsports; it also symbolizes the unshakable status of TAG Heuer in motorsports.


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