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RIMOWA宣佈推出全新尺寸的 Original Twist 行李箱—RIMOWA Original Twist Check-In L。新設計中巧妙結合耐用耐磨的陽極氧化鋁鎂合金與奢華獨特的義大利真皮革,以新穎手法演繹經典 RIMOWA Original 行李箱,令許多人即使已經擁有卻還是躍躍欲試。

RIMOWA Original Twist 鋁鎂合金行李箱採用引人矚目的紅色、啡啡色和藍色將外層鑲邊,細膩揉合經典奢華的物料與百年的精湛工藝,成就令人愛不釋手的出眾之作。從真皮手把、行李牌、密封橡膠以至鎖面,全新 RIMOWA Original Twist Check-In L 行李箱的設計元素也披上相襯的色彩,與百搭的 RIMOWA Original Twist Cabin 行李箱或任何行李箱系列完美映襯,打造一致貫徹的優雅風格。

再也不用擔憂心愛的RIMOWA行李箱在經過搬運的過程受損害,RIMOWA新設計依舊符合嚴格的品質標準,並提供優質售後服務。不管你身在何處,RIMOWA 在世界各地均設有服務中心,只要在網上完成登記,即可享有五年保養。遍佈全球的專家及資深工匠,無論何時何地都能立刻為你心愛的行李箱得到方便快捷的維修服務。


Click! Click! I believe anyone who has used RIMOWA knows that this is a special sound that can only be made when RIMOWA is turned on. With aluminium-magnesium alloy shell and high-tech polycarbonate, a luxurious suitcase was born. You may have seen it flew to the ground in "Mission Impossible 4", or perhaps you have seen it appear when a star handles it in an airport, but only at the moment when you really pick it up, you can feel the difference. (Of course not the sticker part)

RIMOWA announced the launch of a new-size Original Twist suitcase—RIMOWA Original Twist Check-In L. The new design cleverly combines durable and wear-resistant anodized aluminium magnesium alloy with luxurious and unique Italian genuine leather and interprets the classic RIMOWA Original suitcase with novel methods, which makes many people eager to try even if they already own it.

The RIMOWA Original Twist aluminum-magnesium alloy suitcase uses eye-catching red, brown and blue to border the outer layer, delicately blending classic and luxurious materials and century-old exquisite craftsmanship, making it an outstanding work that you can not put down. From leather handles, luggage tags, sealing rubber to lock surfaces, the design elements of the new RIMOWA Original Twist Check-In L luggage are also covered in contrasting colours, which perfectly complement the versatile RIMOWA Original Twist Cabin luggage or any luggage series, creating a consistent and elegant style.

No longer have to worry about your beloved RIMOWA luggage being damaged during handling. RIMOWA’s new design still meets strict quality standards and provides high-quality after-sales service. No matter where you are, RIMOWA has service centres all over the world. As long as you complete the registration online, you can enjoy a five-year warranty. Experts and senior craftsmen all over the world can get convenient and fast maintenance services immediately, no matter when and where, you can immediately get convenient and quick repair service for your beloved suitcase.


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