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  • Dylan Tang

Off-White大秀將讓世界再次無國界/ Off-White SS21 show will make us connect again



不過 Off-White™品牌創始人兼創意總監Virgil Abloh似乎不這樣認為,他提到:「希望藉由公眾平台搭起人與人之間的橋樑,使用全球性的語言將距離拉得更近,即便我們相隔千里,也要連結起來。」

Virgil Abloh 即將透過網路發表 Off-White™ 2021春夏男女裝系列,以這個品牌的名氣而言,全世界的媒體自然都會主動關注,但若你想要透過自己的雙眼來見證 Virgil Abloh 的論點,那麼在 2 月 2 日開秀前登入,並完成註冊,便可知道他提出的論述是否你也同意。

Time: 台灣時間下午7點/ 07:00 pm (GMT+8) 2nd Feb 2021


In 2021, when the pandemic has not slowed down, no one knows what will happen in the future and when they will be able to travel to other countries and live a so-called 'normal' life.

The rise of the Internet era was a massive challenge for the fashion industry because different mobile phones and different social media have no unified specification. Hence, even it's a convenient way to do promotion. It still a challenge.

However, social media is undoubtedly a way to announce the latest news fastly. But the seemingly convenient platform perhaps is vanishing the real connection between all of us.

"Think personal connections through a public platform, connecting the dots of distance through a global language. Linking up, even though we may be thousands of miles apart." - Virgil Abloh

Italian fashion house Off-White™ is going to unveil the Spring/Summer 2021 collection with both Menswear and Womenswear. Creative director Virgil Abloh seems promising the social media won't create the distance between us; instead, it will make us closer than ever. Do you agree to his words? Why don't you see by yourself and discuss it after the show.


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