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  • Boba Tseng

‘Not yet’ for Faye is a state where she is ready for rebirth/ 當你努力發光時,就是「Not Yet」狀態 詹雯婷的音樂重生之旅

Some people maybe don't know who Wen Ting Zhan is? It doesn't matter, because she is trying to find this out herself as well. After four years and six months, Wen Ting Zhan released her second solo album under her real name. She said, "Actually, it was only in the process of making music that I slowly discovered, 'Oh! So that’s who am I!’. I came to know myself through my work."

When singers get rid of their artist’s name and back to their real name, this situation often symbolise they are heralding a strong attempt to transform their musical style. However this is not the case for Wen Ting Zhan. This album is more of a journey of discovery and adventure than a transformation. There is no pressure to prove herself, only an endless hunger and curiosity for art.

"When I was doing these things, I did not trying to define who I am. I just think I can do this, do that, and try it out. In fact, in the process, my adrenaline was rising, because I was taking risks, I was playing, I was not doing my routine. Yet I was trying to break some sequences and change some natural positions. When I was able to play in it, I was actually widening my boundaries unconsciously.” Wen Ting Zhan said.

雙色針織洋裝 by Jamie Wei Huang
雙色針織洋裝 by Jamie Wei Huang

Taking A Balance Between Being A Singer And A Producer

After releasing her second solo album and serving as a producer, Wen Ting Zhan believes that she knows what she wants more, and her direction is becoming clearer. She describes life and music production as a car, and she is the driver. "Now, no matter where the buttons are and the speed is adjusted, I feel more comfortable. I feel that myself and the car share one spirit." Wen Ting Zhan knows better what kind of road she can run at and at what speed now. Even though the car is in an unfamiliar environment, she knows how to respond and where the boundaries are. Occasionally try the possibility of crossing the line, let yourself be more stimulated and accept new challenges, but do not force yourself too hard.

This time, as the album was produced by herself, Wen Ting Zhan mentioned that she was constantly pulling back and forth with the singer's identity during the process, which was quite painful. One of the most tormenting things is when the production process is stuck, she always has to find the problem and think of the solution before she can fall asleep. What she enjoys most is co-creating with other musicians, and she really enjoys working with these talented souls. Whenever she hears the music, it always reminds her of the unrepeatable touch and light in the process. There is no need to deliberately define who you are, the important thing is to enjoy these moments.

白色厚底高跟鞋 by Versace;黑色洋裝 by Off-White;大衣外套 by dunhill
白色厚底高跟鞋 by Versace;黑色洋裝 by Off-White;大衣外套 by dunhill

Rediscover Herself In Music

Wen Ting Zhan revealed that during the production process, she vaguely knew that this album should belong to Wen Ting Zhan. And the appearance of this album is beyond her own imagination, which surprised her, and she even thought, "Wow, did you make this?"

Wen Ting Zhan mentioned that she did not just live for being a singer. A lot of inspiration is only triggered when she leaves this job. Therefore, there must be a period of time in the production process, and you can only find the connotation in the work by letting go and forgetting who you are, and this is one of the ways that others know her.

Every piece of music from each period seem to express the sparks in Wen Ting Zhan’s life, and those are the pasts she cherishes. There is no need to cut them, but to embrace the past generously, “Because of my past, I have grown into the way it is now." Even after debuting for many years, Wen Ting Zhan believes that in music, there are still many things to try.

As someone once asked her, does it still feel good to sing the same song so many times? "Frankly speaking, sometimes it really isn't, but it still depends on how you look at it and whether you have any new insights!" Wen Ting Zhan doesn't regard music as a career, so she can enjoy it and keep it fresh. If there is no way to play it for enjoyment it will become too professional and she will be bored.

Constantly Exploring More Possibilities In Life

As far as Wen Ting Zhan is concerned, the release of her second solo album integrates her life from the past to the present, but connects it all from different perspectives. If this music can accompany some people to walk for a while, it is what she feels most worthwhile to do now. Wen Ting Zhan said that she couldn't define Not Yet, she just felt that everything was still changing, just like an album being made doesn’t mean the end.

"The relay station of this life's journey may still be Not Yet even after death, because what you leave behind will have a butterfly effect and there will be no end." Wen Ting Zhan believes that the most important thing is to live out the light that life deserves. Therefore, she is still constantly exploring "Who is Wen Ting Zhan?" She is not afraid to touch the boundaries, even if she knows it is not suitable sometimes, but bravely challenging the boundaries can constantly redefine herself.


EDITOR/ Boba Tseng



MUA/ May Yao

HAIR/ Sunny Huang-Vast Hair Salon



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