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  • Boba Tseng

‘Not yet’ for Faye is a state where she is ready for rebirth/ 當你努力發光時,就是「Not Yet」狀態 詹雯婷的音樂重生之旅


Some people maybe don't know who Wen Ting Zhan is? It doesn't matter, because she is trying to find this out herself as well. After four years and six months, Wen Ting Zhan released her second solo album under her real name. She said, "Actually, it was only in the process of making music that I slowly discovered, 'Oh! So that’s who am I!’. I came to know myself through my work."

When singers get rid of their artist’s name and back to their real name, this situation often symbolise they are heralding a strong attempt to transform their musical style. However this is not the case for Wen Ting Zhan. This album is more of a journey of discovery and adventure than a transformation. There is no pressure to prove herself, only an endless hunger and curiosity for art.

"When I was doing these things, I did not trying to define who I am. I just think I can do this, do that, and try it out. In fact, in the process, my adrenaline was rising, because I was taking risks, I was playing, I was not doing my routine. Yet I was trying to break some sequences and change some natural positions. When I was able to play in it, I was actually widening my boundaries unconsciously.” Wen Ting Zhan said.

雙色針織洋裝 by Jamie Wei Huang
雙色針織洋裝 by Jamie Wei Huang

Taking A Balance Between Being A Singer And A Producer

After releasing her second solo album and serving as a producer, Wen Ting Zhan believes that she knows what she wants more, and her direction is becoming clearer. She describes life and music production as a car, and she is the driver. "Now, no matter where the buttons are and the speed is adjusted, I feel more comfortable. I feel that myself and the car share one spirit." Wen Ting Zhan knows better what kind of road she can run at and at what speed now. Even though the car is in an unfamiliar environment, she