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  • Boba Tseng

【Cover Story】Be Yourself, Tseng Jing-Hua Knows No Limits/ 沒有框架!活在當下的曾敬驊

We knew him from Wei Chong-Ting in Detention and met him as Birdy Wang in Your Name Engraved Herein. Not many people can make an impression in their first few projects, but his intelligent and youthful temperament are destined to be unforgettable. Whether he knows that this is his advantage or not, there is still a bit of mystery outside the lens. No one can ignore his charm but to really know Tseng Jing-Hua it takes a little effort.

【Being A Boy And A Man】

This is not the first time that TAIKER has interviewed Tseng Jing-Hua. At that time, he had just become a rising star with a billion dollar box office record. Whether he met in a fashion event or took editorial in a studio, he could feel that part of him was boyish, a bit reckless and timid. This makes it easy to hear his inner thoughts. It makes people feel he’s down to earth but he still retains the mark of youth. After being recruited by the military, the expression on this boy's face changed. When he talked about the moments when there was no personal freedom, he described feeling strange things in a different world. He laughed and said that it was just an experience of trying to kill time. Writing a diary or thinking about some scripts also reveals that he can find a certain contact with the world, but that allows him to feel a comfortable balance.

【Preparing To Chase Dreams】

Entering another stage of his life, 23-year-old Tseng Jing-Hua always has ideas that he can't hide, waiting to put them into practice. Although acting is what he focuses on at the moment, life in Taipei makes him different, doing things such as renting an apartment by himself and cooking alone. He said he wants to cultivate more interest outside of work. Even if "he can't do what he dreams of," learning how to paint is still an easy joy he can get at his fingertips. Facing this slightly embarrassing transition period, he also said, "My life is very fulfilling, and I have my own goals every day." So when he heard that TAIKER's theme is Carpe Diem United, he felt passionate. He knows what he needs to do and where he needs to put his effort and, as he said that, his tone was full of expectation for the future.

【Broadening My Horizons Because Of My Team】

After all, from the beginning of his journey, he has learnt how to be a team player, such as the pipe band, the sports class, and don't even mention being an actor! However, Tseng Jing-Hua believes that these three life experiences are precious and special because he met different people. The results may be good or bad, and there are similarities and differences. "It's like living in the present, and I won't regret why I didn't continue to play an instrument or swim." At each stage, perhaps by doing this, you can learn more and see more things, so you can enjoy what you have now. Because of the insights as mentioned earlier he can clearly state what he needs to understand, his life and his tendencies.

【Acting Allows Me Know Myself】

However, Tseng Jing-Hua also admitted that he didn't know himself before he started acting. But step by step by observation whether it is success or failure, sometimes when embarrassment is very shameful, it is an opportunity to re-examine yourself. "I am not afraid of acting or shameful things in life. Or things that disgust me because even if it happens, what can I do?" And also, because of "acting", he knows how to get on with anyone. He also revealed that it was easier to care about the feelings of others in the past, thinking a lot and guessing whether the other party might like this or not. However, now he will choose to be himself, and there is no need to hide his views on things. Even if he knows that the result is bad, "It seems to be able to solve the root of the matter faster."

【Finding My Position Through Acting】

The question is, what kind of achievement do you want? Tseng Jing-Hua mentioned that everyone has good things and bad things, and learns more about what is good, "but you can't become another person." He didn't necessarily become what he dreamed of, the status he wanted to achieve, so he didn't set limits for himself. Learn what you like when you see it, and emphasise again, "but you can't become another person." Loved by movie fans, he humbly thinks that it's good to remember his work. Therefore, if he can make a classic drama that people will come back to watch ten or twenty years later, that's the biggest goal. "For me, this is quite enough!"

【Everything Is Possible】

Because there are no restrictions, he is willing to try different things. In his elementary school, he cut his hair with a knife. When he was ridiculed by his classmates at school the next day, he didn't care. Tseng Jing-Hua described himself as a person who wanted to do something and did it immediately. During the cover shooting, he especially liked the look in the red space and felt very touched. He also asked the hairstylist to make his hair wild. "Try this style." Just like when he is facing the camera, he knows what his best angle is. First, take basic score, and then try something he hasn't tried before, he definitely thinks like a sportsman.

【My Many Faces】

However, when he describes his various propositions, he is shy and proud, and he considers himself "free", "direct", and "unconstrained", and does whatever he thinks almost immediately. "Whatever I want to say or explain, I will say it straight away. It is not likely to be affected by other people's words, you can't follow other’s instructions you have to have your points of view." He has a view that belongs only to him, and others may consider him weird, but it is full of unique charm. When you get along with him, you can feel his calm side; when facing the performance, he can always see his requirements. He is like a multi-faceted person, which is a bit difficult to define. He can throw a ball at any time and it feels like Tseng Jing-Hua can catch it and bounce it out again.


EDITOR/ Boba Tseng

FASHION/ Fred Feng


Hair/ 哲立

MUA/ 怡俐

VIDEO/ Howard Chin

DESIGN/ Shuian Hsu

PRODUCER/ Dylan Tang




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