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  • Dylan Tang

筆尖上的冒險 萬寶龍攜手王可元寫下歷險故事/ Montblanc and Ko-Yuan Wang ask you to write your story

不論是嚮往《湯姆歷險記》中的機智冒險、還是《環遊世界80天》裡探險未知世界的渴望,只要體內仍存著熱血的冒險精神,那麼等到前往偉大的冒險之路來臨時,所有的等待都是值得的吧?事實上,因為嚴峻的疫情,導致無法出國的世界公民們,乾枯的心靈除了得想辦法滋養外,或許透過書寫下當下的心情,也能進一步地達成 Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Motivative。

德國精品製造商萬寶龍近期推出了「大師傑作系列環遊世界80天」的書寫工具,靈感源自經典歷險之旅的全新系列,揉合優雅的設計元素,重現環遊世界的奇幻故事。《環遊世界80天》(Around the World in 80 Days)是法國作家朱爾‧凡爾納(Jules Verne)膾炙人口的暢銷小說,講述英國紳士菲利斯‧霍格與人打賭在短短80天內環遊世界,並勇敢無畏地開展他的旅程。


筆蓋頂部的背面鐫刻了數字「18」,代表霍格以18天時間完成首段旅程(比預期時間提早兩天),而正面則鐫刻了數字「80」,代表他以80天完成整個旅程。手工製作的Au 750 純金筆尖上刻有兩個日期,分別為旅程開始的日期(10月2日)與霍格抵達孟買並完成首段旅程的日期(10月20日)。



What kind of adventure do you fancy? Is the witty adventure in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or the desire to explore the unknown world in Around the World in 80 Days?

As long as the adventurous spirit still exists in your body, all waiting is worthy when the time comes. The world citizens who are unable to go abroad due to the pandemic still not finish yet. Therefore people have to find a way to make themselves stronger when they go through the lockdown. How should we do? Perhaps by writing down the current mood, then achieve Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Motivative won't be too difficult.

Montblanc recently launched the Meisterstück Around the World in 80 days collection, which is inspired by Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. It tells the British gentleman Phileas Fogg betting story, who only used just 80 days to travel the world.

Montblanc invited the new generation of actor Ko-Yuan Wang to interpret to perfectly present the spirit of bravery and fearlessness.

The number "18" is engraved on the back of the top of the pen cap, which means that Hogg completed the first part of the journey in 18 days (two days earlier than expected), and the number "80" is engraved on the front, which means he completed the entire journey in 80 days. The hand-made Au 750 solid gold nib is engraved with two dates: the date of the start of the trip (October 2) and Hogg's arrival in Mumbai, and the completion of the first part of the journey (October 20).

The hot air balloon pattern is a tribute to the author's adventurous spirit and commemorates his other work, Five Weeks in a Balloon. In addition, in order to reproduce the pioneering and adventurous spirit conveyed in the novels, Montblanc also introduced accessories for writing instruments and a smartwatch.


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