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  • Dylan Tang

萬寶龍將「成功」二字重新定義/ Montblanc redefines the meaning of success

德國品牌萬寶龍,今年的全新全球廣告邀請了三位Mark Maker (熱情實踐的傑出卓越人士),重新向世人展現品牌的定位,並重新定義了「成功」的意義,他們分別是:作家兼導演史派克·李(Spike Lee)、演員泰隆·艾格頓(Taron Egerton)以及歌手、演員兼作家陳坤。

Writer and director, Spikes Lee / 作家兼導演: 史派克·李



萬寶龍全球首席執行長Nicolas Baretzki 表示:「成為一位Mark Maker 是另一種思維方式,它不再關乎地位或是否達到顛峰,一切都是為了抵達終點所展開的一趟有意義、目標和豐富的旅程,以及那些受我們所影響的人們。」
Singer ,actor and writer, Chen Kun/ 歌手、演員兼作家: 陳坤

Montblanc’s new global brand campaign - What Moves You, Makes You - brings to life the Maison’s mission to inspire people to express their full potential on their own terms, and celebrates those who have found their own original path to rewriting the codes of success for the 21st century. This campaign highlights authentic stories supporting the idea that following your passion defines you as a person. For redefines the meaning of success, this German luxury brand, works with three different souls, writer and director Spike Lee, actor Taron Egerton and singer, actor and writer Chen Kun.

“Being a ‘mark maker’ is a different way of thinking. It is no longer about status or reaching the top but it’s about the meaningful, purposeful and enriching journey we take to get there, and the people we impact on our way.” Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.
Actor, Taron Egerton / 演員: 泰隆·艾格頓


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