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  • Dylan Tang

英倫台灣味,王可元演繹Kent & Curwen秋冬20系列/ British-Taiwanese Style, Wang Ko-Yuan presented Kent & Curwen AW20


Kent & Curwen 在1926年成立,最早以製作領帶聞名,但後期便成為倫敦頂級私人會所丶英國一流學府和英國軍隊的專屬領帶供應商。憑著Eric Kent 獨具見解的設計理念及敢於打破傳統的精神,這個英國品牌開始製作史上第一款板球毛衣,之後更開始為好萊塢板球隊提供制服,從此,Kent & Curwen 的板球毛衣超越運動領域,成為風靡全球的時尚風向指標。

今年秋冬,Kent & Curwen邀請台灣戲劇圈的實力派演員「王可元」演繹2020秋冬系列。透過可元的肢體語言和能穿透鏡頭的眼神,來自英倫的玫瑰花,在他身上盛開出台灣獨特的光彩。不論是靜態還是動態的表現,王可元都展現出來自新世代的強勁力道。這次由創意總監 Daniel Kearns 欽點的人選,不僅展現出英國品牌的從容優雅,更表現出台灣強韌有力的精神。誰說相差8小時時差的兩地,無法創作出無與倫比的美麗?

品牌創意總監Daniel Kearns圍繞著“團隊與制服”的核心概念,在傳統學院風和運動風的基調上,以不同的風格、輪廓和配色融入時下著裝風格。除了展現 “以團隊為榮”的自豪和歸屬感,Kent & Curwen 更注重自我個性的著裝風格,因此這次與王可元的合作,或許也代表著台灣與英國靈魂交流的新篇章。


Since the merchant ship of the British East India Company arrived in Taiwan in 1670, the relationship between Taiwan and the United Kingdom had begun. Due to culture-wise is different, the fashion on both sides is like a polar bear can never touch a penguin, full of the incompatibility of the North and South poles. However, as time goes by, the relationship between two different sides has also changed from trade to exchange of fashion ideas.

Kent & Curwen launched in 1926. This brand was first known for making ties, but later became the exclusive tie supplier for private clubs in London, top universities in the UK and the British army. With Eric Kent's insightful design concept and the spirit of breaking the tradition, this British brand began to produce the first cricket sweater and provide uniforms for the Hollywood cricket team. Since then, Kent & Curwen's cricket jumper elevate the sports fashion, it has become a global fashion indicator.

This autumn/winter, Kent & Curwen invited Taiwanese actor Wang Ko-Yuan to showcased the AW20 collection. Through Ko-Yuan's body language and soulful eyes, the English rose took the balance from two different cultures. Whether it is static or dynamic performance, Ko-Yuan has shown the power from the new generation. This time, the actor approved by creative director Daniel Kearns not only shows the calm and gracefulness of the British brand but also shows the strong and powerful spirit of Taiwan. Who said that two places with a time difference of 8 hours cannot create unparalleled beauty?

Brand creative director Daniel Kearns revolves around the core concept of "team and uniform". Based on the traditional academic and sports style, this collection contained different looks such as silhouettes and colours to integrate into the current fashion. In addition to showing the pride and sense of belonging of "Team Spirit", Kent & Curwen pays more attention to self-individual dressing style, so this cooperation with Wang Ko-Yuan may also represent a new chapter in the soul exchange between Taiwan and the UK.


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