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  • Dylan Tang

旅行的救贖 Louis Vuitton全新形象廣告傳遞不羈的感受/ Louis Vuitton’s latest Campaign is about travel and soul




法國時尚品牌Louis Vuitton 日前揭曉全新品牌形象廣告,延續多年的時光穿梭之旅,提供情感的漫長探索,超越景色與邊界,是對內與外一切的天真好奇心。對Louis Vuitton 而言,旅行的意義超越了對目的地的實際探索,去擁抱內在的旅程,將一切交給內省。和當地演員合作,如夢似幻的場景在攝影師 Viviane Sassen 的拍攝下栩栩如生,將這個自1854年成立的品牌的核心價值詮釋為圖像:旅行藝術、夢想與跳脫現實,代代相傳,以及不息的樂觀主義。

為了此次的形象廣告,Viviane Sassen 讚頌著希臘米洛斯島、約旦佩特拉和瓦地倫、法國聖米歇爾山等地的風光,更能展現其放諸四海皆準的美。彷彿在遐想中,孩童的身影從這些對比濃烈的景色中冒出,想像力在過去、現在、未來之間奔馳。年幼的學童,熱切地前往大自然之心冒險,將大自然的雄偉,化為探索的遊樂場。最純粹的天真,他們樂觀地體現了萬事皆可能的未來。攝影師 Viviane Sassen 的作品在路易威登先前的形象廣告中保留下來。以明日的輕盈,傳遞不羈的感受,每一張照片都邀請觀賞者前往照片中的土地旅行。


Like all press keeps telling us how terrible the pandemic is and how horrific the virus is, the most important thing people should do is build our mental health healthy and establish good hygiene habits. Perhaps this tough time makes the human feel small, but humans can create an independent civilisation because they have higher wisdom and the passion for pursuing dreams, isn't it? Therefore, why don't we pull our heads out of the cloud? Though others travelling idea make us comfortable and calm again.

Travelling is the New Gold

Louis Vuitton unveils the new wave of its brand campaign and continues its perennial voyage through time, offering an emotional odyssey beyond landscapes and borders, an innocent curiosity for what lies both beyond and within. For Louis Vuitton, travel means transcending the physical exploration of a destination to embrace inner journey and give way to introspection. In collaboration with an entirely local crew, dreamlike settings photographed by Viviane Sassen come to life as the core values of the Maison are translated into imagery: the Art of Travel, dreams and escapism, transmission, the surpassing of self and optimism.

For this brand campaign, Vivian Sassen celebrates the timeless landscapes of Milos in Greece, Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan and Mont Saint-Michel in France to better reveal their universal beauty. As if in a reverie, silhouettes of children emerge from these richly contrasting landscapes, and one’s imagination takes flight between past, present and future. Young schoolchildren enthusiastically venture into the heart of nature, transforming its grandiosity into a playground of discovery. Utterly innocent, they optimistically embody a future where anything is possible.

Photographer Viviane Sassen’s work is perfectly in keeping with Louis Vuitton’s previous campaigns. Conveying a sense of freedom with the lightness of tomorrow, each photograph invites viewers on a journey to a land within.


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