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周世雄透過在地風景致敬200歲Louis Vuitton/ Louis Vuitton covered by petroleum because of Chou Shih-Hsiung

法國時裝品牌路易威登在1850年代首創的革命性行李箱設計- 平頂行李箱,今年搖身一變,成了船隻、磚塊,或隱喻性的空白帆布,以發揮集體想像力或個別藝術表達。

命名為 LOUIS 200 活動,邀請台灣當代藝術家周世雄參與此次藝術創作盛會。周世雄的創作領域橫跨雕塑、攝影與裝置藝術,藝術家以材質石油為核心,將抽象的作品利用身分、家庭、孤寂、中國傳統、親子、宅門、等待、永恆等命題,去象徵出作品「與每一個人都相關」的世界性。思考材質與它們所象徵的背景形象,以及當它們被運用在作品上時所形成的意義。







Louis Vuitton, the revolutionary luggage design pioneer, his luggage isn't just a piece of luggage in 2021. It has been transformed into boats, bricks, or metaphorical idle canvas to play collective imagination or artistic expression fully.

For the LOUIS 200 project, Taiwan contemporary artist Chou Shih-Hsiung was invited to participate in the art creation project. Chou Shih-Hsiung's creative fields are sculpture and installation art. The artist uses petroleum as the core and abstract works using propositions such as identity, family, Chinese tradition, parent-child, home, waiting, eternity, etc., to symbolize the world is relevant to everyone.

Petroleum brings dreams

The petroleum luggage case is a transparent plexiglass box inner layer is filled with black oil, and the material with this vein is preserved as a monumental work. The reflection throughout the world reflects the empty background. Here, petroleum as a traveller, it goes through the world from ancient to modern.

This crowd is full of desire and imagination for the world of oil. It accelerates, and many light industries have gained momentum, including the Louis Vuitton brand, which is famous for its uniqueness, innovation, fashion, classic craftsmanship and suitcases.

The Beauty of Taiwan

Chou Shih-Hsiung hopes that his concept can create works that represent Taiwan. The natural scenery on the box is the home that Taiwanese people like Yangming mountain and Yangjin Highway on the north coast. It is also a must-visit exotic scene for international travellers. Through the reflection, the environment of nature continues to flow with light and shadow. Oil in the context of the era of consciousness makes Taiwan beautiful in the world, and it also allows people to find the existence of Taiwan's time and space. There is always something when you are close to nature.

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