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Jake Bugg, The Power of Music, 杰克巴格

The power of music has been a subject of research as early as the 18th century. Since then, in the 21st century, we feel something because of specific lyrics sung by a singer or a particular melody. But how much power can music convey? Is it true that only the music genres that dominate each generation have the right to speak?

Since his debut in 2011, Jake Bugg has released four studio albums and has led performances at music festivals worldwide. His work ranges from country, indie rock and now even contains some mainstream music elements. It seems that there is nothing he cannot conquer. For this British singer whose career is about to enter the next decade, his every move seems to be announcing to the world, "I can't be replaced."

"It's more about the song and the meaning and soul behind the song."

Each song, each singer, and even each lyric is a symbol, which represents the singer's DNA and into which genre his music falls. But this stereotype of music does not seem to apply to Jake Bugg. For him, the most important thing about any music is the meaning behind it. 'I'm a songwriter. I didn't care so much about the style of music. It's more about the song and the meaning and soul behind the song.' Although Jake often gives the impression of a bard walking around with a guitar, it doesn't mean that he can't control the genre of songs mixed with popular elements. And, comparing the lyrics with the melody, the meaning conveyed by the lyrics is more important. 'Melody is everywhere in popular music and sometimes lyrics don’t have a lot of substance. Whereas, when you hear lyrics that really mean something to you and It's personal. Lyrics are much more personal as opposed to melody.’

Since joining Sony RCA, Jake Bugg has released two singles, "Rabbit Hole" and "All I Need". In these two songs with completely different styles, Jake Bugg mainly wants to show that everyone can "find their own way in the dark".

"For Rabbit Hole I feel like, everybody kind of loses themselves and it's more of kinda like a journey or somewhat. "All I need" is kind of the result of coming out of the end of the rabbit hole, you’ve had enough and then you have everything right here, it’s time to move on to the next day.’

Interestingly, in the music video of "All I Need", Jake Bugg wore Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion brand from Paris. This look also reflected intangible music in a tangible visual. 'It's a great brand. I've been wearing it for many years. It's not like in classic Rock n' Roll music, such as a leather jacket, black jeans.' But in private, he prefers to wear comfortable tracksuits, after all, for him, his appearance in music videos is just another aspect that everyone expects him to perform every time a new song is released.

"Music has its own power"

Talking to Jake Bugg about music, if you don't do some research, you will definitely find him an enigma. For the singer from Nottingham, England, music is the driving force for him to pull himself back from the low tide, and it is also the channel for him to resolve downturns. Therefore, although it may seem ethereal, music has power is beyond doubt for him. "I think music has its own power, and no matter which type, it has the same power, like Jimi Hendrix's "Power of Love" and Celine Dion's "The Power of Love" two songs from very different genres, as long as there is meaning behind the work, then this music has power." As for the further explanation of the word Power, Jake Bugg said 'It all depends on context, doesn't it? Having power or influence is like two ways of having it.'

To Jake, maybe this world is like a song. Every detail or every link of creation can give it a different meaning.

"It's time to enter the next stage"

Jake Bugg has entered the second decade of his debut. His life path, creative process, and the current touring performance, every moment is the driving force for him to sing the next song. Since his debut, his image has also begun to change after joining a new record company. The brand-new Jake Bugg is just about to move on, but this does not mean that he has lost his original intention, but that he has understood himself more clearly "What he really wants to do in music".

'I had a vision for my next record and my career and I think it’s time to take the next step up and it’s nice to move forward. A lot of my influences are more traditional. I wanted to see if I could bring my sound with more modern production techniques and I had that vision and RCA saw it and they understood what I wanted to do' -Jake Bugg

*Jake Bugg is not so familiar with Asian music, but during the interview, Jake showed a strong interest in Taiwanese music. He was told that many fans are waiting for him in Taiwan and he expressed excitement at the possibility of coming to Taiwan to perform.

*Jake Bugg will release a new album《Saturday Night, Sunday Morning》 this year. This will be his fifth studio album and his first work after joining Sony RCA.



All content is in TAIKER Magazine ISSUE08



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