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Po-Chieh Wang, The Power of Acting 王柏傑

Po-Chieh WANG has acted for more than 15 years and has played countless roles. Whether it is Hsing in 'Winds of September' or Xiao Sha in 'Nowhere Man', his performance in show business can be said to be remarkable. However, if he wants to survive in the entertainment industry he can’t rely on his appearance. Personal characteristics are also an indispensable part.

Not everyone can control the career of an actor. In addition to doing enough homework, he may also have to consider whether he is talented. We often hear people say: "Po-Chieh WANG's can handle every role.” This statement may be a bit exaggerated, but from the moment he won the Best New Actor Award at the 2008 Taipei Film Festival, the fact may be that it was already the case. His reputation is circulating the world.

"Power represents Strength"

When Po-Chieh made his debut, he had already got rid of his adolescent nature, but through his words, he still feels that he is still the same passionate guy from his debut. "I think power represents strength, because I really don't want power." Po-Chieh WANG gave a firm answer to the explanation of the word "Power", which has more than a dozen meanings. For him, performance and life require strength because, especially as a full-time actor, performance is an indispensable skill. "I am an actor who became so despite not taking acting classes. So for me, acting in the most natural way is the best way."

"Respect for performance"

In order to become a diamond, in addition to withstanding the test of high temperatures and high pressure, you must also be a rough stone with potential. It was director Tom LIN who thought about him carefully, selected this talented actor from the crowd, and brought him his acting attitude. "I think I'm very lucky. My first mentor was director LIN. I think he is very persistent including in film, so I saw a lot of things in him, such as the attitude and how to be a filmmaker. So. I think Respect for performance is very important to me." He added: "And I think performance requires strength. You must have strength to hold on to this job and fight pressure. I think all of this requires a lot of strength to persevere. "

"No matter what decisions I made wrong in the past,

those decisions made me who I am now."

Po-Chieh WANG's well-known works are numerous, but for him, acting is actually very simple. As long as he persists, he can do well. "'Persistence' as long as you insist on doing one thing, even if you persist for 10, 20, 30 years, as long as you persist, you can do well." Hearing this, I suddenly felt all the obstacles in life are nothing. But people are not saints. Everyone has done something that they regret. In the age of impulse, does Po-Chieh WANG still have some regrets about his past? "I don't think about the past anymore. I think it’s time to look forward. No matter what decisions I made wrong in the past, those decisions made me who I am now. Of course, I am not saying I am perfect now, but I am not going to dwell on wrong decisions made earlier."

"As long as the character is interesting enough,

even if there are only two scenes, I will accept it."

In “More Than Blue" to be broadcast in 2021, Po-Chieh WANG played the role of a music producer. For this role, he practised guitar for three months so that he could get closer to this role. However, if we reinterpret "grief", perhaps apart from elements of love, there is nothing more sad in life than sadness. "When I broke my foot, I thought there was nothing more sad than sadness, because many things I love could not be done after the injury. I was really worried now whether I could no longer act, because after filming for more than ten years, I can't do anything except act." Looking back on past accidents, Po-Chieh WANG once again showed his love for acting. For him, this is not only a balance between work and life, but he really enjoys his career. The beginning of this year just ended. Po-Chieh WANG's role is a cowboy living in a cutthroat world. This may be a challenge for him, but when he saw the script, he couldn’t hide his excitement for this role. "I think the character is very cool so I decided to take action immediately after reading the script! As long as this role is interesting enough for me, even if there are only two scenes, I will accept it. "

For Po-Chieh WANG, each of his work represents his mood at different ages, because he will express current emotions and feelings in the role. But it was the same role that both impressed him the most but was also the hardest to walk away from at the end.

"The most impressive thing was 'Nowhere Man', because those three months were filmed from the first to the last page of the script. I spent 10 years of that character's life in those three months. Even now, whenever I have chatted with the actors of the same drama, we still feel like it was an incredible journey."

He added "At that time, it took me about three months to withdraw from a role. And as soon as I finished filming 'Nowhere Man' I went to shoot another TV series, so I had multiple roles in my mind. In the end, I could only rely on the moment. Listening to music during the break, and shutting the character of Xiao Sha in a room, let him slowly disappear."

"I think life is like this, no matter what you want to do,

whether you succeed or not, try it,

because you will never have a chance if you don't try.

When we were young and frivolous, we rushed forward with interest in everything, but as we got older and older, many people gradually lost their teenage enthusiasm. Regarding this point, Po-Chieh WANG believes that many things must be tried. "I think life is like this. No matter what you want to succeed at or not, try it, because you will never have a chance if you don't try." This kind of personality is keen to experience an adventurous life, perhaps echoing his explanation of the word Power at the beginning. After all, how can we persist without strength and how can we achieve dreams without persistence, Po-Chieh WANG's romantic personality may explain why he still has a firm foothold in this industry and has become an un-hypocritical free soul.

The term "acting" evolved from the ancient Greek term "hypokrisis" before the sixth century AD. This word, which spans thousands of years of history, Po-Chieh WANG interpreted this way. "The more natural you are, then more excellent the acting will be! Because for me, the more relaxed the moment, the more acting from the heart is the best."


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