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Ella Chen, The Power of Soul Ella 陳嘉樺

If one day your life faces the choice between "Being the same" or "Being different", what choice would you make?

Ella Chen has worked in front of the camera for more than 20 years. Her role in showbiz has always been different. Now she is no longer a girl from the south but a woman with a multifaceted soul.

"Our DNA composition is different, our soul,

each of our thoughts is also unique.

Why do you want to be like others? Isn't it a strange thing? "

Ella's name spread like wildfire in the Chinese pop culture world after the millennium because the enthusiasm she exudes is as dazzling as the sunshine of southern Taiwan. Ella has challenged many different roles in show business, such as being in a girls band, releasing solo albums, and acting in many movies. Still, her professional attitude that seems to win every battle has not come from nothing. "I didn't even attend an acting class for my first film, but after trying it I found that I liked it. Coupled with positive encouragement from the director at the time, it made me feel affirmed." For Ella, many things are like raising a child. You have to give them positive encouragement every time they try new things because this might inspire a different enthusiasm in their heart.

"I am like water. What kind of bottle you put me in, will shape what I become."

In this society, everyone has a different identity, but we often switch in a different role, even if it is uncomfortable, we cannot tell why. Ella is full of passion for everything, but she has also been lost in the process of growing up. After all, no one is perfect, and everyone's life is always learning. "I always told myself, "Ella, excuse me; this is your choice."" Every time she questioned herself the most, she finally realised that she had better chances than others. Ella continued saying, "I am willing to try everything and I keep an open mind. I even discussed with my husband, that both us think I am like water. What kind of bottle you put me in, will shape what I become.”

Remember when everyone asked the question “ What is your goal in the future?” when we were young? Are you now the ideal adult from your childhood? Or have you forgotten what shape your future self was to be carved into when you were a child?

"There are no limits in my life,

and I am eager to know how it feels after trying new things."

In Ella's latest film "Listen before you sing", her role is a music teacher in an elementary school in the countryside. This sentence in this film impressed her most. "I don't know what will happen if I do it, but I know what will happen if I don't do it." Maybe that's why she told us "You should try everything, because how can you know the result if you don't try it?"

Ella's role in this film is actually a reflection of herself in real life. She is both a singer and an actress, and also a mother to her child. "There are no limits in my life. I am eager to know what it's like to try something new. Like my identity as a singer, an actress, or even a host, I only really experience everything after trying it and what it feels like." For this entertainer, every move seems to have meaning behind it and endless power in her heart to support it.

"As an entertainer, your greatest spirit is to touch

and power everyone through different methods."

Asked about her most profound personal work so far, Ella's unquestionable answer is her solo show, the "Ella Show".

Ella sang and danced in parallel on that stage, and there were even talk show-like and touching moments. On the "Ella Show" stage, she is like bright moonlight in the desert in the middle of the night, possessing the power to guide the lost. This power is not an artifice, but because the entertainer can naturally move everyone in different ways. "As an entertainer, your greatest spirit is to touch and power everyone through different methods."

"You spent some time getting lost,

and you also need to spend some time finding your way."

Ella shines on the stage, but in private she is like the girl next door. Being able to switch freely between different identities may be due to her natural and cheerful personality and because for her, empathy comes naturally. "You spent some time getting lost, and you also need to spend some time finding your way. On the stage, you really can't predict what will happen. For example, there must be a slight gap between the way you imagined it would go and what you finally present. But. The point is that you have to enjoy this stage. You have to be able to convince and persuade yourself to move the people in the audience." When interviewed here, Ella does not seem to be a star, but rather like a person from anyone's life. A spiritual mentor in need.

"When there is light, there will be shadows.

You have to be able to accept good and bad things."

Speaking of Power with Ella, she divided it into two different aspects, one is willpower and the other is influence. "Power is willpower, because life is continuous learning, no matter how old you are you have different experiences and you can learn more from life. But it may also be related to my profession. I think my Power is also an influential power, because when someone loves you, they will be affected by your words. My greatest influence is to give people the right power to face a different life."



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