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  • Dylan Tang

華燈初上 楊謹華演繹出TASAKI的日式美學/ How does TASAKI bring out Japanese’ glamour? Cheryl Yang tells you how

日本頂級珠寶品牌 TASAKI 隆重地在台灣展示Atelier 系列高級珠寶,並邀請出演《華燈初上》的楊錦華為TASAKI 的Waterfall 系列珠寶演繹,展現獨特的生命之美。

「珍珠配珠寶展現獨特的日式美學」- 楊謹華

由創意總監 Parbal Gurung 操刀設計的 TASAKI Atelier 系列,展現出「Living Nature」強勁的生命力。這次配戴 Waterfall 系列的楊謹華特別表示:「珍珠配珠寶,TASAKI 展現出獨特的日式美學。」

TASAKI 的 Waterfall 系列使用多種彩寶做設計,不僅使用有不同切面的寶石創造出光線感,楊謹華身上配戴的 Forest Valley 項鍊更展現出婉如瀑布般:生生不息的生命力。

TASAKI Waterfall 系列/ TASAKI Waterfall Colection
TASAKI Waterfall 系列/ TASAKI Waterfall Colection

「《華燈初上》與TASAKI 的日式美學不謀而合。」- 楊謹華




TASAKI presented its Atelier collection in Taipei and invited Cheryl Yang, who starred in Blur Hour, to interpret TASAKI's Waterfall collection's Unique Beauty of Life.

"Pearl and Jewellery.

This combination perfectly how TASAKI show Japanese' glamour."

The TASAKI Atelier collection, designed by creative director Parbal Gurung, shows the strong vitality of "Living Nature". This time, Cheryl Yang, who wears the Waterfall collection, said in particular: "Pearl and Jewellery. This combination perfectly how TASAKI show Japanese' glamour."

TASAKI's Waterfall collection uses a variety of coloured diamonds for design. It used diamonds with different facets to create a sense of light, but Cheryal Yang wore the Forest Valley necklace also shows the endless vitality.

"Blue Hour coincides with TASAKI's Japanese aesthetics."

The upcoming Blue Hour uses the 1988 Taiwan Tiaotong culture as the background of the story. Cheryl Yang plays the role of a lady working in a hotel. Therefore, Cheryl has a familiar feeling about the Japanese jewellery brand that came to Taiwan this time.

In Blue Hour, Cheryl Yang will face the choice between love and friendship. But in real life, if she encounters such difficult questions, Cheryl Yang said, "When I was young, I always felt that I must choose friendship, but when love comes, I don't think anyone will not be entangled."


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