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  • Dylan Tang

性的8種面貌 以情慾流動為名的限定展覽/ 8 faces of sex, it’s an exhibition about sex







本次展覽也與多位藝術創作者舉辦房內活動與期間限定講座。包含「深夜放電所」的《我愛你十分鐘》、行為藝術家「陳湘怡」的《關於寫字,以及放棄等妳》、電視上看不到的《一九六0-七0年代初台灣異色觀影的形成期》講座以及SAALab舉辦的「週末晚上的裸體素描課」…等,甚至邀請到藝人馬國賢來為民眾進行情慾占卜。欲了解詳情可至官方網站報名( 此外,4月30日閉展講座更將推出「期待又怕受傷害?」BDSM新手須知,顛覆參加者對情慾的想像,現也正開放報名中。

  • 特展於3 月13 日到4 月30 日在「路徒PLUS 行旅」12 樓空間舉辦,18歲以上民眾可自由免費入場,講座活動需報名參加。


In Taiwan's society, the topic of SEX is not that open-minded. Although sex education is pretty common, Taiwanese are still relatively conservative.

The matter of sex can be divided into many aspects, such as sex between men and women, sex between same sexuality, sex with fetish...etc. All of this evolved from the desire of human nature. But how to discuss it in public, and no one will judge? Maybe through an exhibition is a good way.

In the name of The Flow Of Lust

The exhibition "2021 Directly on the Flow of Erotic Desires" is a refurbishment at the 12th-floor space of the Roaders Hotel and collaborated with several artists to jointly create eight original erotic desires space.

In this exhibition, in each room known as the "Forbidden Adults Playground", many interactive ingenuities make it possible for people to "talk to themselves" and keep their curiosity about sex in this interactive exhibition.

AV interview experience

In addition, there's a special room in the exhibition. This room is the "Common People AV Interview Experience" created by sex photographer DICK19. Here, you can observe the reaction of every common people who comes to experience the special interview. Through the screen on the wall, you can withdraw your soul temporarily and experience the ultimate experience during the AV interview.

This exhibition also held in-room activities and limited-time lectures with a number of art creators. Including "I Love You for Ten Minutes" by "Late Night Discharge Station", "About Writing and Giving Up Waiting for You" by performance artist "Chen Xiangyi", and "Taiwan Different Colors in the 1960s-Early 1970s" which cannot be seen on TV "The Formation Period of Watching Movies" lectures and SAALab's "Nude Sketching Class on Weekend Night"... etc., even the artist Ma Guoxian was invited to perform erotic fortune-telling for the public. For more details, please go to the official website to register ( In addition, the closing seminar on April 30th will also launch BDSM instructions, subverting the participants' desire for eroticism. Imagine that registration is now open.

* The special exhibition will be held from March 13th to April 30th in the space on the 12th floor of Roaders Hotel. People over 18 years old can enter the venue freely, and to participate the lectures must be registered.


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