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軒尼詩春雷乍響的微醺開關/ Hennessy's microswitch



法國知名酒品牌軒尼詩(Hennessy) 的干邑(Cognac) 一直廣受成年男女的喜愛,不管是扎實的酒體還是因為橡木桶陳釀的烘烤淡香。軒尼詩V.S.O.P 從1401年被ISO認證後,一直不間斷地帶出無限可能的飲用方式和行銷可能性。


想要在這個春雷乍響時體驗新的一年的無限美好,不如從現在開始別做選擇。軒尼詩V.S.O.P 可以純飲、可以加冰塊製造酒體的破口產生層次,或者使用薑汁汽水來製作Sunset調酒。不管你選擇哪一種,只要你往正確的道路上前進,那麼軒尼詩V.S.O.P 的果香都能夠在你的唇齒間迴盪。

軒尼詩V.S.O.P 2021年春節限量版,建議售價NT$1,900


2021年,軒尼詩與國際知名當代藝術家 – 劉韡合作,透過抽象與栩栩如生的變化與動感曲線,體現干邑圓潤滑順的口感,並以生氣盎然的海棠紅、藍、綠和黃色色調點亮探索軒尼詩的無限可能,用視覺呼應軒尼詩歷經八個世代的精湛干邑釀造工藝。劉韡表示:「軒尼詩本身就是一種文化。干邑讓我了解了釀造桶裝或是調配干邑需要多少的時間與耐心。在這個多數人如同機械般工作的世界中,軒尼詩專注於手工的臻至完美。我們都是透過藝術,將世界之美帶入生活。」

軒尼詩X.O 2021年春節特別版,建議售價NT$5,865


至於想要體會更高層次的酒液,那麼由近百種產自四大酒莊的「生命之水」調製而成的軒尼詩X.O 則會是你不容錯過的選擇。軒尼詩X.O 歷經多年於特別精選的橡木桶中陳釀後,有獨一無二的深邃琥珀色澤、酒液口感從入口時的果香、濃郁的巧克力香甜到肉桂、丁香和小豆蔻的沉穩氣味,完美調和在口齒間迷人且豐富的滋味。


軒尼詩X.O 2021年春節限量版,建議售價NT$7,038

Cognac; a distilled wine made from the grape 'Ugni Blanc' from the French Cognac region;

the grapes are distilled and aged in oak barrels and then blended.

The Cognac of Hennessy has always been widely loved by adults, whether it is a definite flavour or because of the toasted aroma of oak barrels. Since Hennessy V.S.O.P was certified by ISO in 1401, it has been uninterruptedly bringing out unlimited drinking methods and marketing possibilities.

Only children make choices

If you want to experience the new year's infinite hope, it is better not to choose. For example, Hennessy V.S.O.P can taste purely, added with ice cubes to enhance the flavour to a different level, or use ginger ale to make Sunset cocktails. No matter which one you tend to be, as long as you move on the right path, the fruity fragrance of Hennessy V.S.O.P will be able to echo between your lips and teeth.

New packaging for Rectified Spirit

In 2021, Hennessy collaborated with an internationally renowned contemporary artist – Liu Wei. He put the vibrant red, blue, green and gold tones of begonia illuminate the exploration Hennessy's infinite possibilities. Furthermore, he also visualises the echo of Hennessy's exquisite cognac brewing technology that has gone through eight generations.

"Hennessy itself is a kind of culture. Cognac has taught me how much time and patience it takes to brew or blend cognac. In this world where most people work like machines, Hennessy focuses on the craftsmanship. To perfection. We all bring the beauty of the world to life through art." Liu Wei

Hennessy X.O

For those who want to experience a higher level of liquor, Hennessy X.O, made from nearly a hundred kinds of "Rectified Spirit" produced in the four major wineries. After years of ageing in specially selected oak barrels, Hennessy XO has a unique deep amber colour. Besides, Hennessy X.O's taste ranges from the fruity aroma, the rich chocolate sweetness, the calm scent of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, is perfectly blended in the mouth.

Although some people often say that young people do not understand cognac's deliciousness, their tastes also enter another level as they grow older. Perhaps the mood at this time is like waiting for the spring thunder after the cold winter! After all, when you turn on the microswitch, the tipsy road will be your precious journey for a lifetime.


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