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BALLY 的藝術魅力從170週年開始說起/ BALLY's artistic charm starts from the 170th anniversary

瑞士品牌 Bally 今年要邁入第170週年!這對線上仍能呼風喚雨的品牌而言並不是件小事,尤其當全世界都遇到了疫情的影響,有許多品牌甚至已經宣布破產和大幅縮編。因此 Bally 為170週年推出的藝術形象宣傳,可說是非常大膽,甚至可以解讀成前衛和為這個產業注入了一劑強心針!


位於米蘭旗艦店的BALLY HAUS透過插畫重新呈現/B letter The flagship store 'BALLY HAUS' in Milan re-presented with illustrations


而說到這,這個瑞士品牌的確為了自己的王國創造出了不一樣的火花。在這個170週年前夕,它將和藝術家Bernard VillemotEmil Cardinaux聯手打造的視覺重新蛻變;並邀請了全球的五位藝術家共同詮釋這百年來的品牌故事,如瑞士插畫家Nina Wehrle、Evelyne Laube,巴爾的摩插畫家George Wylesol,美國視覺藝術家Bryce Wymer以及荷蘭漫畫家Lennard Kok。為的就是要讓各大設計師都喘息的一年,成為市場上的黑羊!

雖然羅馬字母並不是每一個國家都使用的文字,但是你不得不承認 A TO Z 是每個人或多或少都深植在每個人的心中。因此,Bally 抓住了這點,順勢推出了全世界共通的字母插畫集,要讓全世界的人都一起回顧它從瑞士成立後的精彩歷史。

品牌創辦人Carl Franz Bally和妻子Cecyle創立品牌的浪漫愛情故事,就以字母”C”呈現/The brand's founder Carl Franz Bally and his wife Cecyle created a romantic love story with the letter "C"

Swiss brand Bally is soon entering its 170th anniversary! This is not a trivial matter for brands that can still thrive online, especially when the world is still suffering the impact of the epidemic. Many brands have even declared bankruptcy and drastic downsizing. Therefore, the artistic image publicly launched by Bally for the 170th anniversary can be said to be very bold, and can even be interpreted as avant-garde and a stimulating dose of energy for the fashion industry!

There are many leather goods brands, but to become a classic 100-year-old brand, in addition to having a strong heritage of craftsmanship, it is still necessary to be accepted by the market. But it is not enough to be purchased by someone. You have to continue to interact with the market and show your creative muscle to truly consolidate the kingdom you have worked hard to build.

BALLY經過240多道手工程序製成的經典男士皮鞋Scribe/ The classic men's leather shoes Scribe made by BALLY after more than 240 manual procedures are reinterpreted with the letter "S"

Reinterpretation of a century-old legend

Speaking of which, this Swiss brand has indeed created a different spark for its kingdom. On the eve of this 170th anniversary, it has reinvented the vision created in collaboration with artists Bernard Villemot and Emil Cardinaux; and has invited five artists from all over the world to interpret the brand story of the century. Such as: Swiss illustrators Nina Wehrle, Evelyne Laube, Baltimore Illustrator George Wylesol, American visual artist Bryce Wymer and Dutch cartoonist Lennard Kok. In my opinion, this move is making Bally the black sheep of the market while other major designers are taking a break this year.

Although the Roman alphabet is not used in every country, you have to admit that A TO Z is more or less deeply rooted in everyone. Therefore, Bally grasped this point and launched a collection of letter illustrations to the whole world. Nonetheless, people all over the world have been able to review its wonderful history since its establishment in Switzerland.

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