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  • Dylan Tang

《金牌特務》的紳士優雅品味/ Be a gentleman, dress like The Kings Man

《金牌特務》(The King's Man) 系列電影即將在2021年再次要上大螢幕。這一次,雖然少了前兩集的主要演員泰隆艾格頓(Taron Egerton) 演出,但是導演馬修范恩(Matthew Vaughn)仍然召集了眾多人馬來為這個新型態的特務電影拉抬聲勢。

這次的演員陣容有雷夫范恩斯(Ralph Fiennes)、哈里斯迪金森(Harris Dickinson)、潔瑪雅特頓(Gemma Arterton)、萊斯伊凡(Rhys Ifans)、馬修古迪(Matthew Goode)、湯姆荷蘭德(Tom Hollander)、丹尼爾布爾(Daniel Brühl)、吉蒙韓蘇(Djimon Hounsou)與查爾斯丹斯(Charles Dance)。


雖然疫情打壞了所有今年可能發生的美好,但是無限的創意仍舊是人們最寶貴的資產。《金牌特務:金士曼起源》這一次與MR PORTER 共同推出了「Costume to Collection」系列,其中包含了風衣、高領針織毛衣、皮鞋、腕錶和書寫用品等。雖然某些單品在台灣並沒那麼實用,但是想要讓自己幻化成一位英倫特務,這些單品當然也不可少!


"The King's Man" will soon be at the cinema in 2021. This time, although Taron Egerton was missing, the director Matthew Vaughn still gathered a large number of big names to complete the momentum for this agent movie.

The cast includes Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Daniel Brühl, Djimon Hounsou and Charles Dance.

Living like a Gentleman is not only in the film

Although the pandemic has destroyed most of the good things that may happen this year, people's unlimited creativity is still our most precious asset. Such as "The King's Man" and MR PORTER jointly launched the "Costume to Collection", which includes trenchcoat, turtle neck knitted jumper, leather shoes, watches and writing goods. As you can see, even though some products are not so practical in Taiwan, but if you want to transform yourself into a British agent, these items are of course indispensable!

Conduct your gentleman's journal

If you want to talk about what's the most practical product to be a gentleman, perhaps the Montblanc special edition we should never ignore. It has 149 Meisterstück fountain pen, fine leather stationery notebook and ink bottle, all inspired by the film’s elegant and enduring designs.

Photos courtesy of MR PORTER, Montblanc

Photography by Mr Ben Weller

Styling by Mr Olie Arnold


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