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石知田與林暉閔演繹無形的幸福感/ Erek Lin and Chih Tian Shih know what happiness is










2021 has already passed a season if we count from the first day of this year.

I still remember that at the time of SARS, Lee-Hom Wang and David Tao released the single charity Hand in Hand. The single warmed everyone who was suffering from the pandemic at that time. But it's for singers, how about the actors?

People who grow up together

Erek Lin made his ten-year debut this year. He is no longer as young as he was when he performed Starry Starry Night. Now he is an actor who can cooperate with international superstars such as Chang Chen. He said that he cherishes everyone he knows in life, especially those he can learn different life experiences.

Although his debut experience has been long enough, Erek is still in his early twenties. For him, having a brother may be his most precious treasure after becoming a public figure.


Since last year, every kind of love can set off a huge wave on the Internet, whether it is the love of heterosexuality, homosexuals, or brotherhood. A few days ago, when Chih Tian Shih completed an event, Erek Lin surprisingly came to the scene to present flowers and congratulate the thirty-year-old actor. This behaviour may explain a bromance under the spotlight. However, it is also the positive energy we can get in the current pandemic. Why is that?

We often find that happiness after growing up is hard to find, but through the interaction between Erek Lin and Chih Tian Shih, we may be able to recall that "even though happiness is small, it is right beside us." Who said it must be in material wealth. Sometimes happiness is just a simple interaction, but we often ignore it.


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