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  • Dylan Tang

莫子儀再次吹響勝利號角/ Tzu-Yi Mo blows the horn of victory once again




品味無敵 演技精湛

演戲這件事情其實就像是活在另一個人的人生裡頭,但是時裝這件事情卻不是這麼回事。舉例來說,莫子儀在電影裡總是穿著劇組為他搭配好的服裝,但是在公開場合裡卻得自己張羅外表。因此,這次莫子儀穿上Emporio Armani 的時裝,讓他在首屆的「第一屆影視聽傑出工作者頒獎典禮」穿出高度,更展現金馬影帝的強勢氣場。



What can you do for yourself when you get the highest honour in your professional field?

Tzu-Yi Mo got the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor from Dear Tenant. His superb acting skills are undoubted. In addition to his performance in films, his performance skills on stage plays are also remarkable. For him, as long as he does what he likes to do, then no matter what happens in the journey of life, everything is satisfactory and worthwhile.

At the First TFAL Awards, Tzu-Yi Mo once again won the Best Actor Award with solid momentum. Dear him, Dear Tenant got him the highest honour of the Chinese film award and blew the horn of victory in the local film awards.

Acting is actually like living in another person's life, but fashion is not the case. For example, Tzu-Yi Mo always wears the costumes that the crew has matched for him in films, but he has to make his taste of fashion in public in private. Therefore, Tzu-Yi Mo put on Emporio Armani's ready-to-wear for this ceremony, making him stand out at the first TFAL Awards.


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