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金城武超越天堂的全新廣告/ Takeshi Kaneshiro and Lineage build a Transcendence

低調的金城武終於推出了久違的新作。再次露面,金城武是為了遊戲龍頭《天堂》低調返台,並進入宛如北歐森林的神祕之境。這次 “天堂2M” 的廣告,製作公司耗時兩週製作,以電影製作規格拍攝,是台灣手遊產業史上最高規格的商業廣告製作。廣告中完全沒有遊戲畫面或是角色扮演的需求,影像呈現以經典黑白電影的手法使人產生好奇心,直到最後一秒,才帶出品牌想表達的意念” 超越”。




Takeshi Kaneshiro still keeps his low-key style. However, he finally released a new work after everyone's expectation is reaching a new peak. Mr Kaneshiro returned to Taiwan for the game leader Lineage and entered a mysterious still design like a Nordic forest. This time, the Lineage2M production took two weeks to produce. It was the highest-level commercial production in the history of Taiwan's mobile game industry. In the ad, you won't be able to see a game screen or role-playing. In fact, the commercial video uses classic black and white film techniques to arouse people's curiosity. Until the last second, the brand finally shows the theme of this advertisement, which is "Transcendence".

Takeshi Kaneshiro made a fire, played chess, and made coffee in the log cabin. There was another man in black against him in Go game. Who will win the last honour? The result will be announced on 24th March when the advertisement goes live.

The source pointed out that this advertisement was initially planning to filmed overseas, but the plan got messed up due to the impact of the pandemic. After numerous negotiations, Takeshi Kaneshiro returned to Taiwan to complete the production. During the commercial filming, the production company also prepared local snacks, such as meatballs, rice cakes, noodles, etc. This tiny special move made Mr Kaneshiro felt heartfelt and pleased. When he left after the filming, he said, 'Why don't we finish our dinner before finishing work?'

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